SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - CargoSmart Limited, a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) global shipping and logistics solutions provider, today announced the availability of its Importer Security Filing (ISF) solution. The solution lets importers and logistics service providers collect the required ISF data elements from multiple sources, consolidate the data, submit it to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and monitor the document workflow and filing status. CargoSmart's solution helps customers streamline data collection, comply with filing requirements, and avoid late filings and penalties.

Beginning in January 2009, CBP mandated that importers submit ISFs by no later than 24 hours before ocean cargo is laden on board a vessel destined to the U.S. The ISF rule, also known as '10+2,' requires importers to provide 10 data elements and carriers to provide an additional two data elements about each shipment. Importers have until January 26, 2010, before CBP plans to enforce the rule with penalties of $5,000 per violation.

"Importers are now faced with the cost to comply with 10+2, timely data flow, and using a secure network," said Joe O'Brien, managing director of CargoSmart North America. "CargoSmart is addressing importers' concerns head-on with a low-cost, value-added ISF solution and is leveraging its nearly 10 years of experience in managing customers' data securely and reliably."

CargoSmart's ISF application builds on its existing document workflow and exception management products. It provides an online platform for importers to aggregate the ISF 10 required data elements from all parties and to self-file or share the data with their filing agent. Logistics service providers can use the solution to manage the data collection for their clients and submit the filings to CBP on their behalf.

CargoSmart's cost-effective solution facilitates collaboration, enables filing, and helps customers manage any potential problem filings. Features include:

--  Collaboration -- Customers assign parties to provide required data
    elements. After customers review and approve the data, CargoSmart's
    application consolidates the information. Automated data collection
    minimizes the time customers spend manually collecting, consolidating, and
    tracking required information from all parties.
--  Advanced Filing -- CargoSmart provides a flexible solution for filers
    to prepare and transmit their ISFs to CBP. Filers can collect information
    from third parties, upload data from their internal systems, and supplement
    the information online. Users can save time by copying data from past
    filings. The versatile solution lets filers adopt the method that best fits
    their business process.
--  Exception Management -- Using dashboards, customers monitor data
    element collection status and filing status at a glance. Exception alerts
    notify customers if data is not received within expected times or if
    filings are not accepted. Managing by exception lets customers focus on the
    shipments that need the most attention to ensure timely and accurate

Importers and logistics service providers can tailor CargoSmart's ISF solution to meet their data management and filing needs.

In April 2009, CargoSmart became certified to transmit customs filings through the Automated Manifest Systems (AMS). In addition to ISF transmission, CargoSmart's platform lets customers file Electronic Exporter Information (EEIs) directly to CBP's Automated Export System (AES). CargoSmart's solutions provide customers with a central location and integrated platform for advanced shipment visibility, execution, collaboration, and compliance.

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