CARLSBAD, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - PerfectForms today announced the launch of its new software service for businesses wishing to increase productivity for their organizations using more efficient workflow processes. The powerful service enables anyone to create custom applications for all kinds of tasks, from simple HR routines like vacation requests or new hires, to intricate product management projects, quickly and without writing a single line of code, bringing new levels of efficiency into the workplace.

Now with PerfectForms, people closest to a business challenge can create a workflow solution in hours or days, instead of weeks or months, at a fraction of the cost of large packaged applications or traditional custom development. Easily integrated with existing systems, the service is available now as both an in-house and an on-demand solution and is available on a free 30 day trial basis.

"Most companies are still using inefficient paper-based or spreadsheet solutions for forms and workflow processes because they haven't found a system that's better -- that is, one that can be used by everyone in the organization, is capable of integrating with their existing systems, solves problems without providing more problems, and is inexpensive," stated Tom Allanson, CEO for PerfectForms. "Our solutions are built around the premise that no one is searching for a generic solution -- but everyone is doing a common search. We're not solving a problem with another problem: We help you to define your problem and then give you the answer."

Examples of PerfectForm's Uncommon Solutions for Common Problems

--  Problem #1: Vacation request form needs to solve different things for
    different people in the company; Manager needs to know how many people are
    out at the same time; Employee needs to know how many vacation days are
    left; HR needs to know how much vacation has already been used;
    PerfectForms provides one solution.
--  Problem #2: Product management: Every project has task that must be
    completed; everyone may have different assignments but they must all come
    together for the project to be a success; specific notifications need to be
    sent to some but not all -- and the team needs visibility to the progress
    and any issues that arise; PerfectForms provides one solution.
--  Problem #3: Sales force/CRM solutions that truly integrate with your
    existing systems and are fully customizable and available the way you want
    them; in-house and in-the-cloud Software-As-A-Service.
--  Additional problem solving: Approvals Requests; IT, Support and Help;
    Marketing, Customer Surveys; Operations, Sales Force, Sales Order
    Management; Finance, Expense Requests, the list goes on.


PerfectForms is a feature-rich application that enables anyone to quickly build and deploy a wide variety of business applications, all without writing a single line of code. Routing between people, departments or organizations is made easy, everyone that needs to be made aware is informed and the work flows, so that nothing is dropped and no time is lost.

--  Build engaging applications in minutes using a simple drag & drop
--  Add intelligent behavior to your forms without coding
--  Route and automate workflow
--  Easy integration with LDAP, databases and other existing systems
--  Automatic notifications, reminders and escalations when action is
--  Create impressive drill down reports on data, project tracking and
--  Dashboard provides full visibility when action is needed to be taken
--  Host on PerfectForm's servers or in-house
--  Online and phone help for getting started

Watch a video overview on how to use PerfectForms.

PerfectForms On-Demand and PerfectForms On-Premises are available as a free 30 day trial.

About PerfectForms:

PerfectForms enables anyone to build web applications, forms, surveys and detailed reporting without writing any code. PerfectForms can also be easily integrated with existing business systems. Based in Carlsbad, California, PerfectForms recently merged with Quask, a leading provider of business process management (BPM), workflow and online forms and survey solutions founded in 2001 with over 100,000 users. The merger enables PerfectForms to offer an innovative way of automating business processes through intelligent web-based forms with no technical or programming skills required. For more information, please visit

Contact Information: Media Inquiries Please contact: Vanessa Camones or Brent Bucci theMIX agency for PerfectForms