ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - Transcepta, a leading innovator of hosted electronic invoicing solutions, today announced that Jetro Cash & Carry and Restaurant Depot (Jetro / RD) selected the Transcepta electronic invoicing service to eliminate the costs and inefficiency driven by receiving paper invoices from suppliers.

Jetro / RD, the USA's leading wholesale cash and carry, serving grocery retailers and foodservice operators, wanted to improve on its existing paper based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process. Jetro / RD decided to position itself with a scalable approach to processing higher volumes of accounts payable invoices without adding overhead.

Previously, the company had attempted to convert suppliers to electronic invoicing using a typical Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process; however, only a small percentage of suppliers were able to justify the costs and IT resource requirements necessary to participate. Jetro / RD researched a solution that would both maximize supplier adoption of e-Invoicing, to eliminate the most paper, and leverage its existing EDI investments.

Transcepta provides a service of on-boarding all of Jetro / RD's suppliers to send invoices electronically, directly from the suppliers' existing billing system. Suppliers do not have to type invoices into a web portal to submit invoices, a common complaint of other e-Invoicing solutions. Further, set up to use the Transcepta service takes only a couple minutes of the supplier's time and does not require IT resources. After suppliers submit invoices through Transcepta, the invoices are processed directly into Jetro / RD's existing EDI infrastructure.

"We set high efficiency goals and thus decided to full-court press toward electronic invoicing. We encouraged our suppliers to adopt EDI but only our largest suppliers would participate. With Transcepta, Jetro / RD can receive EDI invoices while our suppliers can submit invoices without making a change to their billing system or invoice format," said Richard Kirschner, Jetro / RD chief operating officer.

Lora White, Jetro / RD director of accounts payable, explains, "We're really benefitting by moving away from the paper based OCR process. My staff productivity is increasing and the trading relationships with my suppliers are improving as well."

Because supplier adoption is the critical component to successful e-Invoicing projects, Transcepta has developed the industry leading technology and approach to supplier on-boarding. To maximize adoption, Transcepta manages the entire on-boarding process for its customers. As part of this service, Transcepta notifies each supplier of the e-Invoicing initiative and works with them to determine their optimal invoice submission option. Transcepta offers suppliers a variety of invoice submission options, including the patent pending Transcepta Virtual Printer. For each of these invoice submission options, set up is completed in minutes and suppliers are able to send invoices directly from their existing billing system for guaranteed, secure delivery. Further, suppliers do not pay any setup or implementation fees and Transcepta does not require participation from vendor IT resources.

"Corporate buyers are looking for a solution that helps them to receive invoices electronically from all of their suppliers, regardless of size or technical capacity," said Shan Haq, Transcepta vice president of global marketing and sales. "In Jetro's case, they had invested in EDI. However, as is the case with many other companies, they have not been able to achieve their paper to electronic conversion goals. Transcepta is excited to help Jetro get there."

About Transcepta

Transcepta was founded in 2005 with the goal of making electronic invoicing for Accounts Payable a reality, eliminating all paper invoices. Our belief is that the critical success factor for electronic invoicing is supplier participation.

Transcepta is differentiated from other offerings by providing an attractive solution to your suppliers and a managed service to recruit and implement those suppliers. Transcepta is the only electronic invoicing solution that removes the long standing barriers, cost, time, and complexity, to supplier adoption.

While offering robust functionality and flexible integration to your Accounts Payable department, Transcepta enables suppliers to submit invoices with their existing billing system and process. Suppliers do not pay setup or any other upfront fees and implementation takes only five minutes of a supplier's time. IT support is not required for supplier implementation and invoice submission is automated (i.e. not manually typing invoices into a web portal).

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