NIWOT, CO--(Marketwire - June 25, 2009) - The IVI Foundation announces the release of the 64-bit IVI Shared Components and VISA Shared Components. This release enables vendors to provide 64-bit VISA and IVI drivers to test and measurement customers. In addition, a VISA Router and VISA Conflict Resolver were added to the VISA Shared Components and a C API for the IVIConfigServer to the IVI Shared Components.

"The release of these components keeps the IVI standards aligned with evolving industry standards and customer requirements," said Jon Bellin, Chairperson of the IVI 64-bit Working Group. "64-bit is an emerging requirement and the updates to these components permit IVI vendors to provide 64-bit VISA or IVI solutions."

In addition to providing support for usage on 64-bit Vista, the VISA Shared Components also include a VISA Router and a VISA Conflict Resolver. Now, users can easily create solutions with I/O hardware and software from various vendors. Previously, a user had to specify which VISA was primary and then configure all the instrument communication to route through that VISA. When I/O hardware used in a system was provided by more than one vendor, it was possible for two different I/O devices to be assigned the same address, resulting in a conflict that would generate a VISA error. With the introduction of the VISA Router, a user no longer has to identify one VISA as primary but can use the VISA of choice. The VISA Conflict Resolver will automatically detect and notify the user if a conflict exists between two different I/O devices. This allows the user to identify and correct the problem immediately, before developing applications using the erroneous information.

In conjunction with the release of the IVI Shared Components, a C API has been provided for the IVIConfigServer. This allows customers who use IVI-C drivers to use native C interfaces instead of COM when using the Config Server.

About Shared Components

The IVI Foundation provides a standard set of shared components which are required by all compliant drivers and ancillary software. These components provide common services to drivers and driver clients; the administration of system-wide configuration is an example. The IVI Shared Components are required when using an IVI driver. The VISA Shared Components are used with a VISA library from a specific vendor.

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