Uponor, Inc. Admits Selling "Defective" and "Unreasonably Dangerous" Plumbing Fittings That Leak and Damage Homes, But Refuses to Honor Its Warranties, Class Action Lawsuit by Larson King, LLP, Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLC and Audet & Partners, LLP Alleges

Saint Paul, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

WASHINGTON, July 7, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Plumbing fittings sold by Uponor, Inc. (Uponor) and its wholly-owned subsidiary Radiant Technology, Inc. (RTI) are defective and fail prematurely, causing extensive water damage to homes, commercial buildings and other property, according to allegations in a putative class action lawsuit filed May 15 in the United States District Court in Minnesota.

Minnesota-based Uponor has admitted in court filings that fittings it sold for its plumbing systems are "defective" and "unreasonably dangerous." However, the company refuses to replace all affected plumbing systems or otherwise reimburse all property owners as required under warranties it issued, according to the complaint.

The fittings Uponor admits are defective and unreasonably dangerous were used in plumbing systems installed in homes and buildings across the country. While it has replaced the fittings in homes built by some of the nation's largest home builders, Uponor refuses to do the same for individual homeowners. "Uponor's conduct in choosing to honor its responsibilities to large, important construction companies while ignoring the damage and costs its defective products have caused the 'little guy' is reprehensible," explained Charles J. LaDuca, attorney for the plaintiffs and a partner with Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLP in Washington, D.C.

"The named plaintiffs in this lawsuit, John and Helen McGregor, who live in the small community of Mead, Washington, are among the thousands of property owners who simply cannot afford to tear apart the walls and floors of their homes and replace defective plumbing systems," explained Shawn Raiter, attorney for the plaintiffs and a partner with Larson King, LLP in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The products at issue are brass fittings inserted into crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing. Although Uponor and RTI advertised and warranted their brass PEX fittings for as long as 25 years, the fittings began failing -- sometimes only months after installation. When the fittings fail, water leaks can extensively damage walls, floors and other personal property.

The lawsuit, John and Helen McGregor, et al v. Uponor, Inc., seeks certification as a class action and compensation for damages suffered by home owners, the replacement of the defective and unreasonably dangerous systems and other remedies. For more information about the lawsuit, email sraiter@larsonking.com


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