DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - July 30, 2009) - In a recently aired FOAMGLAS® plant tour on WVSN Industry Visions, Marketing Director for Pittsburgh Corning Steve Oslica discussed the total sustainability of FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation on pipes and vessels. It was a rare view of the manufacturing process of an insulation that offers total plant sustainability with a single installation from cryogenic cold to scalding steaming hot.

"FOAMGLAS® was green long before green was the in thing," commented Oslica.

"We have been manufacturing this product since 1947. Now more than ever before, industry realized how critical our product is for total process control." Speaking in front of the ball mill with national broadcast personality Allyn Mark of WVSN, Oslica outlined the cycle of green.

"Sand is one of the most abundant resources on the face of planet earth. It's the basic feedstock for making FOAMGLAS®. When it arrives at this plant, it's combined with a small amount of other advent materials and made into the finest glass available. There are no harmful gasses created during the manufacture either. After the glass is crushed into a powdered form at this ball mill, the foaming process begins when millions of tiny air tight cells are created. Finally a finished block rolls off the line, and is then packaged and shipped.

"FOAMGLAS® offers unprecedented energy savings, fire protection, and moisture resistance."

When asked how the green cycle was completed, Oslica concluded, "After many years of service life, FOAMGLAS® can be removed and remanufactured for use again or simply disposed of in a landfill, back to the earth." So the cycle is unbroken, from raw product to years of service, then back to the earth or product again.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning.

Contact Information: Contact: Allyn Mark Industry Visions 810-358-6224 Steve Oslica Pittsburgh Corning 724-387-3656