SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - August 4, 2009) -, a leading source of information regarding Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies and applications for business continuity, announces today it has made available a collection of informational resources free to the public. The site features a free white paper and a free business continuity/disaster recovery template. focuses on providing educational material about the importance of WAN technology, business continuity and disaster recovery planning for businesses. Articles on related topics are also available, including the subjects of bandwidth, firewalls, load balancing, spam, VPNs, WAN routing, and more.

"We are dedicated to disseminating information to the public that address the important need of WAN redundancy, business continuity and disaster recovery planning for today's businesses," said Jay Pillai Ph.D., Vice President of "It is our aim to help companies across all industries and of any size, have a clear and basic understanding of business continuity processes that will help them protect their companies from the detriment of downtime due to unexpected network failures," he concluded. focuses on: dual WAN router, WAN redundancy issues, firewall load balancing, firewall redundancy, WAN network reliability, working with public and private networks, including MPLS, WAN routing and routing technologies, VPN, VPN load balancing, firewall load balancing, WAN optimization, bandwidth management, and T1 bonding; aggregating DSL or cable lines, and highly redundant WAN network designs.

General subject matters are categorized by the "Quick Links" menu. The categories are: Bandwidth, Business Continuity, Disaster Recover, Firewall, Load Balancing, Redundancy, WAN Security, Spam, WAN Technology, VPN Technology, and WAN Routing.

Each main subject is broken down into subcategories of the main subject listed on the "Quick Links" menu. Information about the following topics is listed under the subject, Bandwidth: WAN Optimization, WAN Settings, WAN Monitoring, WAN Configuration and WAN Load Balancing, for example. Links to magazines, online references and research databases are also available.

About is an online portal of information about the importance of Wide Area Network/Internet redundancy and reliability. The core focus of the site is disaster recovery and business continuity planning as applied to wide area networks. For more information, please go to

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