ISLE OF MAN, UK--(Marketwire - August 5, 2009) - Climate Exchange plc, below outlines the trading volumes for the month of July 2009 for the European Climate Exchange (ECX), the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE).

Market Highlights

--  ECX continued to achieve average daily volumes over 20 million tonnes
    - July average 21.3m tonnes.  Year to date volumes for EUAs and CERs stand
    at 3.2 billion tonnes
--  Total open interest in ECX futures and options exceeded 700,000
    contracts on 8th July and currently sits at record high 726,106 contracts.
    Open interest levels grew 7% during July.
--  New quarterly options expiring into the December futures, known as ECX
    'Serial' Option Contracts, were launched on 10th July and first trade was
    transacted between RNK Capital and Citigroup.
--  Monthly Volumes in the REC complex hit a record 500 contracts, a 100%
    increase over the 250 contracts traded in April 2009.
--  CCFE launched Vintage-Specific CCAR Futures on July 31st.

Total ECX Products (Contracts*)

                   2009       2008     Change

July             470,914    346,302    +35.98%
YTD            3,156,100  1,403,488   +124.88%
Open Interest    726,107    409,787    +77.19%
*1 contract equal to 1,000 EUAs/CERs

ECX EUA Futures Contract

                   2009       2008     Change

July             335,135    235,349    +42.40%
YTD            2,344,215  1,003,487   +133.61%
Open Interest    336,787    213,273    +57.91%

ECX EUA Options Contract

                   2009       2008     Change

July              22,433     20,195    +11.08%
YTD              287,839    183,255    +57.07%
Open Interest    188,060    107,366    +75.16%

ECX EUA Daily Futures Contract ('Spot') (launched 13  March 2009)

                   2009       2008     Change

July               8,421          -         -
YTD               21,915          -         -

ECX CER Futures Contract (launched 14 March 2008)

                   2009       2008     Change

July              89,154     84,508     +5.50%
YTD              434,752    189,746   +129.12%
Open Interest    119,856     62,298    +92.39%

ECX CER Options Contract (launched 16 May 2008)

                   2009       2008     Change

July              15,450      6,250   +147.20%
YTD               65,920     27,000   +144.15%
Open Interest     81,404     26,850   +203.18%

ECX CER Daily Futures Contract (Spot) (launched 13 March 2009)

        2009    2008    Change

July      321      -         -
YTD     1,459      -         -

CCX CFI (Contracts)

          2009     2008    Change

July     52,496   47,906      10%
YTD     311,530  510,134     -39%

CCFE (Contracts)

Total CCFE Products

                   2009       2008     Change

July             130,872     41,053       219%
YTD              748,490    333,118       125%
Open Interest    129,841     80,880        61%

CCFE SFI and NFI Futures & Options Contracts

                   2009       2008     Change

July              45,204     33,837        33%
YTD              338,092    305,944        11%
Open Interest     78,915     68,594        15%

CCFE Carbon Complex including CFI, RGGI, CCAR and WI

                   2009       2008     Change

July              85,088      6,462       122%
YTD              403,562     22,475       170%
Open Interest     43,909      8,851       396%

Other CCFE Products including IFEX

                   2009       2008     Change

July                 580        754       -23%
YTD                6,836      4,699        45%
Open Interest      7,017      3,435       104%

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Neil Eckert, CEO of Climate Exchange plc, said: "July represents another month of solid progress at both ECX and CCFE."

About Climate Exchange plc

Climate Exchange plc is a holding company whose subsidiaries are principally engaged in owning, operating and developing exchanges to facilitate trading in environmental financial instruments including emissions reduction credits in both voluntary and mandatory markets. Its three main businesses are the European Climate Exchange (ECX) which operates the leading derivatives exchange focused on compliance certificates for the mandatory European Emissions Trading Scheme, Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which operates a voluntary but contractually binding cap and trade system for greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., and the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE) the leading U.S. regulated environmental products exchange whose contracts include mandatory U.S. emissions such as SO2 , NOx and RGGI CO2.

About European Climate Exchange

The European Climate Exchange (ECX) manages product development and marketing of futures, options and spot contracts based on CO2 EU allowances (EUAs) traded under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) issued under the Kyoto Protocol.

ECX contracts are listed and traded on the ICE Futures electronic platform, offering a central marketplace for emissions trading alongside other energy commodities with standardised contracts and clearing guarantees. ECX/ ICE Futures is the most liquid Exchange for carbon derivatives trading. More than 100 businesses have signed up for direct membership to trade ECX products. In addition, several thousand ICE clients can access the market via banks and brokers.

About Chicago Climate Exchange, Inc. and Chicago Climate Futures Exchange

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is a financial services business whose objectives are to apply financial innovation and incentives to advance social, environmental and economic goals. CCX is the world's first and North America's only contractually binding rules-based greenhouse gas emissions allowance trading system, as well as the world's only global system for emissions trading based on all six greenhouse gases. CCX members are leaders in greenhouse gas management and represent all sectors of the global economy, as well as public sector innovators. Greenhouse gas emission reductions achieved through CCX are the only reductions in North America being achieved through a legally binding compliance regime. Independent third party verification is provided by FINRA. For a full list of CCX members, daily prices and other Exchange information please see the CCX website.

The Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chicago Climate Exchange, is a CFTC designated contract market which offers standardized and cleared futures contracts on emission allowances and other environmental products. Clearing services are provided by The Clearing Corporation. Market surveillance services are provided by the National Futures Association, the industry wide, self-regulatory organization for the U.S. futures industry.

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