INDIAN HARBOUR BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - August 5, 2009) - As times change, maps can too. Today, this is especially true for maps showing the risk management terrain financial institutions must master.

Old maps, once thought indisputable, have now been proven inaccurate, causing institutions and customers alike to find themselves lost and hesitant to take any course at all. Many can't see where they are on any map, or in what direction to go. Failure to take action is one form of mismanagement, while another is embarking on paths seeking improvement when none is needed. Institutions clearly need to know where they are now and what directions to take next.

Advisory Services International (ASI) uses a simple, five-question risk management "Mirror Assessment" tool to help provide a snapshot of where an institution currently stands in relation to proven principles of sound risk management. By pinpointing where it is on the risk management map and where it should be going, an institution can better regain its path to credibility, solvency, and goal achievement.

For the first time, ASI is making the tool available on its web site. The complimentary Risk Management "Mirror Assessment" is appropriate for employees at all levels of an organization, from top executives to the front line. Optimally, a number of people will take the assessment, thereby increasing accuracy of the findings. There are no right and wrong answers. Identity information given is never shared with other organizations.

Based on years of experience using the process, ASI then analyzes an organization's assessment results. The output is a brief summary report of recommended steps for the institution to take.

J.B. Woods, president of ASI, sums up the offer by saying, "It's really simple. You can find out where you are, and then plan from there. Our 'Mirror Assessment' takes less than ten minutes, so that's the only investment for now. This is a low-risk, no-cost initiative that can net some valuable insights -- a welcome concept these days!"

The ASI Risk Management "Mirror Assessment" is available at the firm's web site:

Founded in 1997 when financial institutions were less in the spotlight, Advisory Services, Inc. built its solid reputation for integrity and positive results by helping clients, worldwide, understand and implement sound principles of financial services. Today, the firm (now with "International" in its name) is specifically focused on all aspects of risk management.

Effective risk management is essential to the health and survival of every financial institution -- even those currently deemed the most stable. The Advisory Services International team -- with more than 100 cumulative years of financial expertise -- believes the time is now for financial executives to take action to bring risk management practices under control.

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