BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - August 6, 2009) - For many people the term file transfer calls to mind the venerable industry standard file transfer protocol (FTP), used since 1971 to exchange and manipulate files over IP-based computer networks. A newly released report titled "File Transfer is Not What it Used to Be: It's Secure, Reliable and Well-Managed," published by Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), explains why the time has come for file transfer to come out of the basement and be recognized for what it is: a mission-critical, enterprise-class application.

Among the participants in the current study, Aberdeen's research showed that in the last 12 months the average number of data loss or data exposure incidents associated with file transfer was more than 11 for the worst-performing organizations, compared to less than 1 for the organizations achieving top results. With the total financial impact for each data loss or data exposure incident estimated at $640,000, the advantage of achieving top performance in secure file transfer translates to more than $6 million per year in costs avoided.

"Managing the surprising degree of complexity that can be involved in the simple notion of transferring files from point A to point B cannot be the best allocation of any organization's limited IT resources, or end-user time and effort," said Derek E. Brink, vice president and research fellow for IT Security, Aberdeen Group. "Aberdeen's research has shown that persisting in the digital do-it-yourself approach to file transfer is not secure, not convenient, not compliant, and definitely not 'free.'"

Today's file transfer solutions have quietly transformed themselves from a hodge-podge of low-level network protocols to full-featured, enterprise-class solutions that enable secure, reliable and well-managed webs of critical connections for person-to-person collaboration and process-to-process integration. As a prime example of the modern "plumbing" that enables collaboration and integrates business processes, secure / managed file transfer solutions have specifically been designed to liberate overburdened administrators and end-users from the cost and complexity of managing file transfers in the typical heterogeneous IT computing infrastructure. Secure, managed file transfer also addresses many of the security and cost shortcomings of physical "copy and carry" delivery mechanisms and legacy "digital do-it-yourself" file transfer approaches.

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