SCHAUMBURG, IL--(Marketwire - August 7, 2009) - Acresso Software, the leading provider of licensing, entitlement, installation, and application readiness software, today released the results of an exclusive benchmark study, "AdminStudio: Accelerating App-V Package Creation Up to 88 percent Faster than Traditional Methods," demonstrating that enterprise IT organizations who use the Acresso AdminStudio application readiness solution can dramatically slash prep time when readying applications for deployment with Microsoft App-V. The exclusive study focused on the most challenging part of an application virtualization implementation, the migration of applications from traditional formats to an App-V ready format, and compared the preparation time using traditional methods versus using AdminStudio. In all cases, AdminStudio proved to be the faster option than the native method, the App-V Sequencer. For full survey results: click here.

Moving to App-V can prove particularly challenging to enterprises because, until now, application administrators have had no alternatives to time-intensive native methods of application preparation. The study demonstrates that AdminStudio wins across all testing categories.

--  Slashed by over 88percent the time required to convert MSIs in batch
    using AdminStudio versus App-V Sequencer.
--  Reduced average time required to convert MSIs by 85 percent
--  Reduced average time required to convert all applications by 69
--  Decreased time to convert a group of applications from 1 hour and 23
    minutes using traditional methods to less than 10 minutes using

The benchmark study concludes that AdminStudio can improve application virtualization adoption by lowering the cost and complexity of adopting App-V virtualization technology whether administrators are experienced with MSI packaging or they are first time users.

To download the complete benchmark study, click here: "AdminStudio Benchmark: Accelerating App-V Package Creation Up to 88 percent Faster than Traditional Methods."

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