CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - August 10, 2009) - Permabit Technology Corporation, the leading innovator of value tier storage solutions for the enterprise, today announced the release of value tier storage for cloud service providers. Permabit's storage products allow cloud service providers to deliver the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable storage offerings to their clients with a simple deployment model. Built on patented and proven industry-leading technology, Permabit Cloud Storage is a massively scalable, always available, secure storage platform designed to address the specific needs of service providers and fit seamlessly into their application hosting infrastructure.

Permabit Cloud Storage delivers the high availability necessary for service providers to meet aggressive Service Level Agreements, while its grid architecture enables service providers to seamlessly expand and upgrade storage as needed from terabytes to petabytes. With Permabit's flexible pricing model, service providers can take advantage of this advanced technology with minimal up-front capital expense, and address the three critical technology concerns customers raise about cloud storage solutions: scalability, availability and security.

Features of the Permabit Cloud Solution include:

--  Massive Scalability: Base configurations up to 144TB raw disk capacity
    provide simple initial deployment options. The system automatically and
    transparently adapts as storage nodes are added, re-distributing data
    across the storage grid as the system expands. Up to 32 grids (4.6PB total
    raw capacity) can be easily managed from a central web-based console. Built-
    in inline next-generation data deduplication (Dedupe 2.0) and compression
    dramatically improve the system's effective storage capacity, providing
    further cost benefits for both providers and clients.
--  Continuous Availability: The Permabit grid architecture allows for
    seamless storage growth without ever having to take the system offline or
    interrupt user access. New storage technologies can be added without
    requiring forklift upgrades, providing continuous availability for service
    provider clients. Built-in data protection via patented RAIN-EC technology
    provides the industry's most reliable protection of client data.  New
    Intelligent Recovery™ extends the safety of the Permabit system
    achieving up to 1000 times more reliability than industry-standard RAID 6.
    A fully redundant architecture coupled with built-in replication for
    automated off-site disaster recovery ensures client data is always safe,
    protected and available.
--  Security: Multi-tenancy capabilities provide the ability to host
    thousands of customers' data securely within a single solution, delivering
    the most efficient and cost-effective method for hosting storage. For even
    higher levels of security, built-in AES encryption can be enabled. As an
    added benefit, solution providers can leverage built-in WORM capabilities
    to offer compliance-oriented storage to their clients as an additional fee
--  High Performance: New Model 4012 Access Nodes achieve 280% faster
    performance by utilizing two high-performance Intel Xeon® Quad Core
    processors. Additional access nodes can be added to existing storage grids
    to boost performance as needed to meet customer demand. Access Nodes
    provide standard NFS and CIFS file sharing services to easily fit into
    existing service infrastructures.

Along with the Permabit Cloud Storage solution, the company is introducing several new features to all of its storage products. These features, which significantly enhance data management and safety for cloud storage providers, include:

--  Advanced performance monitoring: Monitoring provides cloud storage and
    enterprise administrators with both detailed and aggregate performance
    utilization and trending.
--  Scriptable tools: New command line tools are expressly designed to
    streamline the automated creation, modification and deletion of file
    systems and provide utilization reporting for chargeback.
--  Phone home reporting: Advanced phone home logging automatically
    uploads operational logs for proactive analysis while removing sensitive
    data ensuring the highest levels of security. This enables system
    optimization while providing predictive failure analysis services to reduce
    service calls.
--  RAIN-EC Intelligent Recovery™: Should the system ever experience
    simultaneous failures on separate nodes, unprotected data is automatically
    recovered before restoring full data redundancy, resulting in up to a four
    times increase in long-term data safety.
--  Improved performance: A combination of software enhancements and use
    of quad-core Intel processors have increased performance 280% over previous
    releases, while reducing power consumption by 70%.

Supporting Quotes:

"Cloud service providers need to focus on offering the best possible service and solutions to their customers. The storage infrastructure is a key determinant in a provider's success, but that does not mean they need to develop a storage system themselves. By using solutions such as Permabit's Cloud Storage for Service Providers, they can stay focused on their business and not be distracted by the development and support of a storage infrastructure."~ George Crump, Storage Switzerland.

"Historically, it has been very challenging for service providers to be experts in both hosted services and data storage. Permabit has developed storage solutions since our inception that were designed to meet the needs of service providers. With the Permabit Cloud Storage Solution for Service Providers, we become the supplier that enables service providers to offer the best and most reliable storage with the efficiency of de-dupe and without a heavy, up-front financial investment."~ Tom Cook, President and CEO, Permabit

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