CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - August 10, 2009) - UnitedHealthOne is one of the largest providers of individual health insurance and family health insurance plans in the United States. The leading insurer offers a wide range of coverage options, which are now available on the GoHealthInsurance "E-application" platform. is the nation's fastest growing online health insurance connector, providing E-applications for residents in 25 states. Now, Indiana residents can apply for coverage in the convenience of their own home using GoHealthInsurance technology.

Indiana health plans for individuals and families provided by UnitedHealthOne, available on, include:

--  Copay Select. This UnitedHealthOne plan provides comprehensive
    individual benefits including low copayments for routine health care
    services and prescription drug coverage. This plan also features lower
    deductibles with covered inpatient and outpatient medical services.
--  Copay Saver. This plan offers the opportunity to pay lower premiums in
    exchange for limited routine doctor visits and a higher deductible. Generic
    prescription drugs are also covered under the Copay Saver plan.
--  Plan 80/100. The Plan 80 and Plan 100 are UnitedHealthOne's most
    affordable coverage options. They are high-deductible plans that provide
    catastrophic benefits to minimize monthly premiums -- and provide some
    preventive care coverage.
--  HSA 70/100. The HSA line of plans are coverage options compatible with
    Health Savings Accounts -- bank accounts designed for saving money for
    health care expenses tax free. These plans also cover in-network doctor
    visits for $35 after a 3-month waiting period. HSAs from UnitedHealthOne
    are administered by OptumHealth Bank.

On, shoppers in Indiana can compare plans instantly, speak with a local agent for advice and apply completely online using secured technology. Online applications at are submitted directly to UnitedHealthOne.

To browse Indiana health insurance plans from UnitedHealthOne and other leading carriers, visit to view quotes instantly and apply online for coverage.

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