LONDON--(Marketwire - August 11, 2009) - Smack dab in the middle of news aggregation and killer search -- offering unique visual graphics -- Silobreaker is designed to bring the next level of news delivery to offer people of all demographics the global news they seek for a myriad of purposes.

Pulling from approximately 15,000 sources, Silobreaker offers worldwide news in headline form, video, quotes, and unique, useful graphics including Hot Spots, Network, Trends, and 360°. Today, Silobreaker's offering of free and easy to deploy widgets helps bloggers, reporters and web owners of all kinds to download and display Silobreaker's unique set of graphics including Network, showing associated relationships in the news, or In Focus, showing an easy to read summary of the most related names to any news story or topic. Available today, Silobreaker's basic widgets, displaying the world's top news, are free to anyone. Publishers and other content owners can license a widget to feature its own content using Silobreaker's award winning graphical representation of the news. To view a short video demonstrating the ease of deployment, please visit

"Free news search requires too much reader input to find the right stories, at the right time, in the right format. And, 'list' results pages can be arduous, with clicks to-and-fro various stories," commented Kristofer Mansson, Silobreaker CEO. "Paid services are not feasible for the average consumer; and people are really looking for sense-making tools rather than more information."

The dwindling bundle of paper that lands on doorsteps everyday is fast becoming a thing of the past -- day old, single point-of-view news does not foot the bill when the web is at our fingertips. And, although a visit to a single publisher like CNN or BBC is still preferred by many, more and more readers also want to understand what is being written around the world, especially when looking into global topics such as swine flu, President Obama's healthcare plans, the latest developments in Iran or in the telecom sector, advances in stem cell research or developments on electric vehicles. In addition, Silobreaker's use of graphics to show the findings around news topics makes it easier to follow the news, without the need for time-consuming and information-overload search.

"Web owners of all kinds can easily deploy our news widgets on their sites to provide readers with interesting and new ways to look at the news. We are excited about the future of news delivery and look forward to seeing how our customers take advantage of our technology," concluded Mansson.

5 Ways to Use Silobreaker Widgets:

1. To engage its readers more, an online newspaper shows Silobreaker Network Widget on the front page of its business section to display connections and associations between people and companies and to help readers explore the business news. The Network is based on the newspaper's own articles and any mouse-over or click-through navigates the reader within the newspaper's site.

2. To keep track of its competition, a company in the renewable energy sector posts Silobreaker In Focus Widget on its intranet for three of its main competitors. The In Focus Widget keeps track of the most relevant people, companies, topics, places and keywords and becomes the lens through which employees and management can easily monitor the news around each competitor.

3. Offering news services on the latest video games, a popular blogger decides to embed and display the Silobreaker In Focus Widget to provide the latest news to improve the quality of global coverage and knowledge to his readers.

4. Wanting her class to stay updated on climate change, a high-school teacher places Silobreaker Network Widget on the school website to give students live access to "who is who" and "what is what" in the news around global warming.

5. Raising awareness around global injustice, a non-governmental organization uses Silobreaker Network Widget on its website to show connections and associations around the key-phrase "human rights violations" to name and shame those involved as well as highlighting those fighting against it.

About Silobreaker

Combining news aggregation with killer search and rich, graphical representations of the news, Silobreaker provides insight by finding and reading the news like a person does. It recognizes people, companies, topics, places, and keywords; understands how they relate and puts them into context. The visual presentation -- similar to a physical newspaper with online benefits -- allows people to naturally view connections, trends and topics or navigate deeper into personal, relevant stories. Pulling content from ~15,000 news, blog, research, and multimedia sources, Silobreaker's engine is focused on finding and connecting related data in the information flow. Providing "Insight as a Service," Silobreaker's award-winning combination of search, news aggregation, and unique graphical representation helps everyone in their quest for knowledge and current events. Please visit -- tell us what you think.

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