SINGAPORE and SHANGHAI, CHINA--(Marketwire - August 10, 2009) - Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions, a leading global HR and payroll software and services business delivering expert solutions to clients in more than 160 countries, today announced the availability of Click4HR, aimed at small to medium-size organizations as a simple and secure way for companies to manage employee data online.

Companies that sign up for Click4HR have immediate 24/7 access to a 'click and go' online HR software solution, a secure storage server and free, automatic updates from any Internet-enabled computer loaded with a personalised certificate from Patersons. The software, available in 30 languages, includes three components: HR Suite, Document Manager and HR Reports. With HR Suite, companies import or enter directly online all standard employee details. With Document Manager, important HR documentation, in any file format or size, can be stored on Patersons' highly secure servers, which are regularly updated to ensure safe and virus-free data. HR Reports enables the quick online analysis of HR business data or the production of a downloadable report with a few clicks of a mouse.

Businesses with offices in different geographies also have the added benefit of being able to access one centralized database of HR information across locations. Patersons approach offers time efficiencies and information consolidation advantages, especially in comparison to attempting to manage HR data on several spreadsheets across multiple users.

"Patersons continues to provide innovative approaches to managing global HR and payroll. Our new solution, Click4HR, requires no downloads or IT support. With no software license fee and a minimum charge of $49 per year for support, we doubt companies will find a better offer online," commented CEO Karen Paterson, "Click4HR is based on our tried-and-tested enterprise HR software solution Logon2, which has already been used by some of the world's largest companies to manage HR data. The HR needs of smaller businesses are similar to those of large multinationals, so we have created this cost effective 'click and buy online' product to fit these requirements. HR professionals can rest assured they are subscribing to a compliant, reliable and scalable solution as their business grows."

Patersons changed the way big businesses buy HR and Payroll software and service by allowing the customer to pay only for what they use. Applying that same winning logic to its support options, Patersons gives Click4HR customers the choice to pay for one month or for full on-demand support 24/7 -- making the solution affordable for small and medium-size organizations. All customers have access to the online support centre, where they can easily log and track support queries. Premium level customers can also receive support by phone.

Customers have the added benefits of Patersons Community Website, where members can network with fellow HR professionals and attend regularly scheduled Webinars on global HR and payroll topics delivered by industry experts. Special third-party subscription offers, a blog and up-to-date news stories are also available.

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Headquartered in Salisbury, U.K. with offices in the U.S., central Europe and Asia, Patersons HR and Payroll is a leading global HR and payroll software and services business delivering expert solutions to clients in more than 160 countries. The Company's secure Internet-based software as a service is multi-currency and multi-lingual (covering over 30 languages), features an easy-to-use interface, supports fast implementation times and facilitates integration with existing systems. Patersons HR and Payroll differentiates itself by: one contract, one software solution, one enterprise interface and one cohesive system approach. As a result, Patersons has proved the impossible by being able to run multi-jurisdictional payroll rules for multiple clients on one database and one instance of source code worldwide. More information and contact details can be accessed at