CEDAR RAPIDS, IA--(Marketwire - August 11, 2009) - ETM has announced the release of Wings Plus. Expanding on the Wings Annual Statement capabilities, Wings Plus adds Premium Tax, Municipal Tax, State Forms Supplement, MuniTables, the Insurance Compliance Center (ICC), and the ETM Learning Portal.

"We've parlayed our industry-leading Annual Statement software into a complete financial-reporting and tax-compliance package," said Larry Kane, ETM's president. "No one else in the industry offers the comprehensive functionality in one package that we do. Wings Plus is the evolution of everything on which we've been working for the past eight years."

In addition to the Annual Statements functionality on which ETM built its reputation, Wings Plus comprises:

--  Premium Tax: putting all data pertinent to premium tax returns in one
    database, ensuring data required multiple times in multiple forms
    automatically populates the appropriate fields in the appropriate forms and
    links to the annual statement.
--  Municipal Tax: dynamically linking municipal tax returns to -- and
    automatically updating -- applicable premium tax returns from 6,300-plus
    city and county municipalities/fire districts.  Linked data corrections
    automatically adjust all affected areas of the returns.
--  State Forms Supplement: automating the production and accuracy of more
    than 2,100 state-specific financial filing forms.  To ensure compliance and
    accuracy, these "type-and-fill" documents are updated in real-time when
    underlying statement data is changed.
--  MuniTables: an online database of information about municipal tax
    payments for all states that assess them. It includes addresses by city or
    town, names and contact information for remittance, due and delinquent
    dates, non-compliance penalties, issuance fees, and more.
--  ICC: reporting when specific state forms are due by dynamically
    assembling all financial-reporting and tax-compliance deadlines in calendar
    format.  Items can be downloaded to Outlook, and due date alerts can be
    sent in a variety of ways.
--  Learning Portal: providing self-paced, on-demand, online training for
    Wings Plus, letting users progress at their own speed, making
    accommodations for their aptitudes and learning styles, and giving them
    three different learning modes.

About ETM

ETM is a software and procedures-development firm that specializes in providing financial reporting and tax-compliance applications for insurers. ETM is dedicated to insurance financial processing and reporting, making its clients more efficient, consistently accurate, and uniformly compliant. For more information, please visit www.byetm.com, call (800) 975-3245, or e-mail sales@byetm.com.

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