CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - August 13, 2009) - Every day something new happens in the health reform world. Lawmakers make changes, promises and hold town hall meetings. Health industry representatives make their voices heard right along the way, releasing campaigns, studies and press releases to defend their positions.

The GoHealthInsurance Coverage Corner has been diligent in following all the major events in health reform, posting new commentary nearly every weekday.

"We're following health reform very closely on the Coverage Corner because of the unknown impact it will have on everyone -- including the health care and health insurance industry and consumers," said Mark Colwell, Consumer Marketing Analyst and Copywriter at

"It's important -- no matter where you stand on the health reform issue -- to be an active participant in a constructive conversation," added Colwell.

Still, the debate on health reform is getting very heated all around the country during this Congressional summer recess as U.S. Representatives and Senators address their constituencies, acknowledged Colwell. The Coverage Corner's intent, though, is to provide a non-partisan report on what's happening.

In addition to reform, the Coverage Corner also focuses on health policy on state-by-state basis and provides helpful shopping tips for those who are looking online for health insurance quotes and to explore their options.

Follow health care and health insurance policy daily at the Coverage Corner at The Coverage Corner offers news updates about health reform along with neutral political analysis and commentary. Consumers do have the ability to comment on posts, but all submissions are subject to review. Readers can also subscribe to the Coverage Corner's RSS feed at

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