MANCHESTER, NH--(Marketwire - August 13, 2009) -  Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI), a recognized leader in the design and implementation of in-building wireless products and solutions, will showcase its public safety in-building wireless solutions at the upcoming APCO2009 Annual Conference, August 16-19, Las Vegas, (Booth # 1217). The company's award-winning in-building RF design and installation solutions and services enhance mission-critical, emergency responder radio communications and support the U.S. Government's mandates -- derived from the 9/11 tragedy -- for unencumbered, in-building communications between outside support teams and in-building first responders.

"The challenge with most in-building environments is: how to cost-effectively extend radio signals to every stairwell, inner office and basement, to facilitate first responder communications," explains Kelley Carr, president, CSI's Custom Solutions Group (CSG). "CSI's system design and RF engineering team offers decades of trained, proven experience that can enhance in-building, wireless and cell phone communication reception throughout any campus, stadium, healthcare, manufacturer or office building environment -- while reducing costs via best practice deployment methods."

CSI's Public Safety Solutions Feature:

  • Years of experience installing mission-critical communication solutions to enhance first responder communications - even in difficult areas or challenging RF envi­ronments including basements.
  • Full compliance with government mandates for in-building public safety coverage.
  • Full support for wireless services including UHF/VHF, 700/800 MHz public safety, cellular phones, paging, two-way radio, WLAN, and others.
  • Expertise to configure and install without disrupting the work environment or existing network operations.

CSI stands out from other vendors as the only in-building wireless vendor approved by all the major wireless carriers -- a pedigree that greatly simplifies installation and helps reduce project costs. The company's innovative system design also allows organizations to leverage existing cabling infrastructure without sacrificing future scalability as technical requirements evolve. CSI has deployed and maintained numerous systems in commercial environments while their knowledge and expertise of the ordinances implemented since 9/11 (all new buildings are required to have antennas to support police and fire radio frequencies) ensure that all new facilities are up to code.

About CSI

Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) is driven to be a world-class organization that delivers superior products and services enabling anytime, anywhere in-building wireless connectivity. The CSI Product Division specializes in the development of in-building amplifiers, repeaters, and a variety of system components. CSI is the first company to introduce a digitally filtered repeater capable of passing carrier spectrum requirements becoming a requisite for the nation's largest wireless carrier. To ensure that the optimal services are provided, CSI formed the Custom Solutions Group (CSG). Since its establishment, CSG has implemented thousands of turnkey solutions throughout the country. CSI's consultative and product neutral approach enables the company to develop customized solutions for every client. CSG also holds the distinction of being the only in-building wireless service organization approved by all major wireless service providers in the United States. For information about CSI call 877-844-4CSI or visit

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