CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - August 19, 2009) - For some, health insurance can be an expensive and complicated mess. Policyholders have to worry about monthly payments, managing benefits and claims; no wonder so many people think life is easier without health insurance.

But being uninsured is a big mistake and here are the top five reasons why:

    1. Accidents happen
       There will always be events beyond our control. Even if you live a
       perfectly safe and healthy life, a car accident or sudden illness
       could change things in an instant. Without insurance, a manageable
       hospital bill can quickly turn into a financial disaster.

    2. Health insurance encourages more frequent checkups
       Repeated studies show that people who have health insurance are
       healthier. One main contributing factor is that a health plan
       reduces the costs of routine checkups, making those with coverage
       more likely to visit a doctor regularly. With more frequent
       check-ups, a doctor can identify and treat minor medical problems
       before they turn into serious health conditions.

    3. Access to comprehensive care
       Doctors are legally required to provide care for all patients that
       come in to the emergency room. But when it comes to preventive
       care -- including immunizations and well-baby care -- these basic
       services are out of reach for those who have no health insurance.

    4. Prescription medications
       Keeping all of your prescriptions filled and up to date is much
       easier with insurance coverage for your medications. Insurance
       reduces the costs of many prescriptions and ensures that you always
       have access to the medicine you need. It's a lot easier to drive to
       the pharmacy when you know it won't break your bank account.

    5. Expensive medical bills
       Most people don't realize how much health care costs. Just a simple
       visit to the doctor can range from $200 up to $1,000. Other kinds of
       care such as in-patient surgeries can reach thousands of dollars.
       Without health insurance, health care can be a major financial

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