SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - August 24, 2009) - Lucid Imagination, a commercial company dedicated to supporting open source Apache Lucene and Apache Solr search technologies, today announced the immediate availability of LucidGaze for Lucene™, a free monitoring capability for installations using the Java Lucene search library as part of its ongoing efforts to provide value-add software and services for the Lucene user community. LucidGaze for Lucene, developed by Lucid Imagination, uses innovative technology to reverse-engineer characteristics of the Lucene application and provide a framework for developers to retrieve detailed data and statistics to improve application management.

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Monitoring and optimizing Lucene-based applications has long required custom programming due to the lack of built-in monitoring tools. With LucidGaze for Lucene, application developers can now easily harvest data such as the rate of queries, query speed, text analysis times, memory consumption, changes to index structure and other Lucene specific information; analyze the performance and efficiency of their implementations, and optimize their search applications.

"Performance and scalability have been the hallmarks of Apache Lucene," said Eric Gries, CEO of Lucid Imagination. "In response to the requests and feedback from the Lucene user community, we are pleased to offer the LucidGaze for Lucene performance monitoring tool. We believe it will make it a bit easier for developers to get the most out of their Lucene-based applications."

LucidGaze for Lucene supports a number of monitors -- statistics collectors which aggregate information about different key aspects of Lucene search operations. These monitors can be controlled and reset individually, providing methods to access the statistics within each. The monitors included in this version are:

--  Analysis Monitor -- information about the different analyzers and
    filters used to create the index.
--  Document Monitor -- information on documents and fields added to or
    retrieved from a Lucene index.
--  Index Monitor -- statistics on buffers, memory usage, Lucene index
    readers/writers and add/commit times.
--  Search Monitor -- information about search cycle times.
--  Store Monitor -- provides number of directory instances.

Many enterprises have adopted Lucene/Solr based on the combination of strong technology and clear open source cost savings. While Lucid Imagination already offers a free monitoring tool for Solr implementations, LucidGaze for Lucene has been developed for enterprises that use Lucene without Solr. It supports Apache Lucene version 2.4.1 and later.

LucidGaze for Lucene is available now as a free download from Lucid Imagination. To download please visit:

About Lucid Imagination

Lucid Imagination is a commercial company dedicated to Apache Lucene technology. The company provides free certified distributions, commercial-grade support, training, high-level consulting and value-added software for Lucene and Solr. Lucid Imagination's goal is to serve as a central resource for the entire Lucene community and make them more productive. Lucid Imagination is a privately held venture-funded company. The investors include Granite Ventures, Walden International and In-Q-Tel.

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