CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - August 24, 2009) - In a world with,, and other popular e-commerce websites, it's almost hard to remember how we bought CDs, books and plane tickets without the Internet.

Today, millions are now buying a product online that's in the middle of a heated debate in Washington, D.C. and the rest of the country: individual health insurance.

Consumers are turning to online health insurance exchanges such as to comparison shop for individual coverage and apply for their desired plan directly through a top health insurance company.

The instant quote tool itself is very simple to use in order to view health insurance quotes online. A user starts by entering their zip code and informs the system whether or not he or she is looking for individual/family coverage or just health insurance for a child.

The tool identifies the state in which the user is looking for coverage and now asks for basic information to retrieve the health insurance quotes: gender, date of birth and whether or not the shopper smokes. Here, users can add the same information for a spouse or children.

Once that second step is completed, you see a friendly progress bar that informs the shopper that GoHealthInsurance is "Finding plans," then provides a list of health plans to compare. Each plan -- or quote -- shows the plan's providing company, coverage type, deductible, coinsurance, copay and estimated monthly premium.

From here, and depending on the consumer's state of residence, it only takes one click to enter an online application for coverage. currently provides online applications in 25 states.

While renowned for its unrivaled nationwide network of independent health insurance agents, GoHealthInsurance's instant quoting technology allows consumers who do not need support from a licensed professional to shop on their own.

Shoppers looking for individual health insurance coverage from a leading insurer in their state can browse health plans using the Instant Quoting Technology at

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