FT. LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - August 24, 2009) - Debtors in Spain might open their front doors to find anything from costumed bullfighters to a person dressed as a chicken or Buddha. These characters have one job only: collecting money from debtors, whether through scare or shame tactics. Luckily, businesses using PayRisk won't need to dress-up in crazy costumes anytime soon.

While intimidation or humiliation tactics are one way to ensure companies receive their dues, U.S. laws make it a little tougher to push debtors to pay up. For those who have been on the debtor end of things, this is a relief. But for first parties (those owed money), second parties lingering in debt limbo can cost an entire business, as companies continue to close at an alarming rate of more than 300 businesses per day, according to a recent USA Today article. Small businesses simply can't afford to spend precious dollars paying debt collection agencies to hound debtors. SMBs need a new, effective way to protect their pocketbooks and collect payments. PayRisk offers a new kind of security at a fraction of the old price.

PayRisk (www.PayRisk.com), an online community geared toward protecting small to medium businesses from clients who won't pay, wants to eliminate this debt-risk entirely. Rather than waiting until a company is knee-deep in debtors, PayRisk encourages a proactive approach in which companies list past clients that have failed to make payments. "PayRisk.com is a place where business owners can collect their debts, publish information regarding who owes them money, attempt to collect via the site and search the database for protection from those who have a series of outdated collection issues," PayRisk founders said.

By joining PayRisk, companies can identify known-debtors and avoid making a sale that will likely end in either pricey debt collection or without any payment at all. Additionally, companies using PayRisk can become educated about how to collect on their own when necessary, cutting out the cost of debt collection agencies.

In the current economy, businesses might do better to turn down a sale completely than to sell a product for which it will never receive payment. When clients don't pay, businesses either spend expensive time trying to collect on their own or must hire debt collectors that will claim a high percentage of the amount owed. A program like PayRisk can help eliminate the hazard of these financial losses. When businesses join, they are able to pre-screen non-paying customers through a compiled database of factual, unbiased and accurate "PayRisks." In addition, businesses can add their own past due and uncollected payments to this list, as well as take advantage of fully automated, do-it-yourself collection.

A special value membership is offered to the first 100,000 members for a cost of $199 for the first six months with an additional six months for free. More flexible monthly and quarterly billing options are also available. These memberships include unlimited listings for collection and unlimited search capabilities for protection. Pay Per Search memberships are also offered for a single charge of $2.99 for each search conducted.

PayRisk.com was created by entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals to provide a low-cost, efficient method of collecting debts via an online community. Information is shared with PayRisk members to avoid non-paying customers. PayRisk.com is an objective, third-party Web site and provides accurate, unbiased information to members. PayRisk is not responsible for its members' information, collections, debt and/or lawsuits.

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