ANAHEIM HILLS, Calif., Sept. 8, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canyon Acres Children and Family Services, a charity organization committed to providing homes, care, treatment and supportive services for abused, neglected and emotionally troubled children and their families, today announced it has moved its program and administrative offices into one new location in Orange, California. By consolidating four offices into one, Canyon Acres will have more resources and therefore more power to efficiently serve more children and families in need. The agency will continue running its renowned Children's Treatment Center at The Ranch in Anaheim Hills.

"As Canyon Acres approaches its 30th anniversary, we continue making great strides to ensure our leadership in providing the best care and services to children who need it most," said Clete Menke, President of Canyon Acres. "Centralizing our programs under one roof will allow us to be more effective in delivering on our mission to provide hope, care and love to the children we work with. In addition, the new offices are very close to Anaheim Stadium, which puts us in the geographical center of our demographic."

Canyon Acres' Wraparound and Creating Family Connections (CFC) are two signature programs now housed together in the new location. Wraparound services literally help families in crisis become "wrapped" by the community, helping children avoid the trauma of being removed from their homes. Wraparound Services also help families become safe, healthy and self-sustaining. Creating Family Connections searches for and engages long-lost family members of children who have been in the child welfare system for many years, offering a family connection that gives children a sense of belonging and hope.

The new offices are also home to Canyon Acres' Foster & Adoption Agency, Therapeutic & Behavioral Services (TBS) and corporate and administrative offices. The exact address is 1845 W. Orangewood Ave., Ste. 300, Orange, CA 92868, and the new phone number is (714) 383-9400. For more information about Canyon Acres or to make a donation, please visit


Canyon Acres Children and Family Services has been serving children throughout Orange County since 1980, providing the highest level of care and therapeutic treatment to children who suffer from a variety of emotional and psychological disorders. Canyon Acres gives children nurturing, treatment, and opportunities that they need to grow up in safe, loving, and stable families.

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