NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - September 10, 2009) - StudioNow (, the premier provider of video creation and syndication online, today announced the launch of its StudioNow Video Asset Management & Syndication (AMS) platform, providing businesses with rapidly escalating video workflow requirements an efficient, affordable and highly scalable solution for the management and distribution of high-quality video assets to multiple video channels across the Internet.

StudioNow's new AMS platform immediately augments StudioNow's core video creation services to provide end-to-end, single-source video production and syndication capabilities to businesses and organizations seeking rapid expansion of their video presence online.

The company's new Video AMS platform will provide StudioNow business partners, including top-tier names in fashion and lifestyle, publishing, marketing, entertainment and other vertical markets, with a custom online production platform for management of the video creation process and quick and efficient delivery of top-quality digital content. Among the first StudioNow partners to utilize the new video AMS platform is Simon & Schuster, Inc., one of the leading book publishers worldwide and a customer since 2008 of StudioNow's video creation services.

The new StudioNow AMS solution offers new and current StudioNow business partners:

--  A Web-based solution that leverages the elasticity of cloud-based
    computing for rapid scaling of an organization's video production and
    distribution needs;
--  An intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, with the familiar look and
    feel of a desktop digital asset management application;
--  Complete archiving, search functionality and extensive meta-data
    management features;
--  Automated transcoding capabilities from any video file format to any
    file format; and,
--  Internet-wide syndication options for both online and mobile viewing
    of high-quality video content.

"The existing StudioNow Video Creation Platform (VCS) generates significant cost efficiencies and revenue opportunities for our business partners through the platform's streamlining of video production and back-end business processes," said David Mason, co-founder and CEO of StudioNow. "Our new AMS solution now does the same and more for video management and syndication. It frees up organizations to focus on strategy, creativity, and new opportunities to monetize video assets, while saving on time and resources as the AMS solution's automated processes expand their video presence online."

The network of StudioNow business partners utilizing its custom online video creation platforms include top-tier customers in multiple vertical markets, from leading book publishers to news and entertainment providers, marketing and advertising agencies, online directory services and many others. The new AMS Platform automatically integrates with the StudioNow Video Creation Platform to provide a complete solution to the entire range of video production and distribution needs.

The StudioNow AMS feature set includes an intuitive, drag-and-drop browser-based interface for easy archiving, search capabilities and powerful meta-data management for each video asset, from simple tagging and folder allocation through creation of customizable fields. For customers maintaining an external Content Management System, the AMS includes optional full-feed synchronization to the customer's external content database.

StudioNow AMS provides automated simultaneous transcoding into multiple file formats of unlimited uploaded video files stored on the Amazon Cloud. The AMS solution's automated syndication of video assets enables delivery of video files transcoded to any format to pre-selected multiple destinations online using direct FTPs, Media RSS or user-specified custom feeds.

More information about StudioNow's Asset Management & Syndication (AMS) solution, as well as the StudioNow Video Creation Service (VCS), is available online at:

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