DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - September 15, 2009) - Gravity Investments (Gravity), a premier financial engineering firm responsible for the Gsphere visual asset allocation, today announced it has formed a business integration partnership with a leading provider of essential components for wealth management platforms.

Gravity's three-dimensional diversification platform is an optimization and analytic suite that provides professional investors with diversification measurement, visualization, and optimization technologies. Central to the methodology is the notion of what Gravity calls "holistic portfolio visualization." The firm was recently awarded a patent for its portfolio visualization process.

"We know that advisers seeking to create or present a balanced portfolio are able to employ our solutions with consistent success," said James Damschroder, Founder of Gravity Investments and inventor of the Gsphere process. "When combined with a reliable enterprise wealth management solution, the platform's results promise to be particularly powerful."

Gravity's new partner will include the Gsphere application as part of its enterprise wealth management platforms already used by financial institutions, financial advisors, RIAs, and asset managers. The platform is complementary to the firm's existing array of enterprise wealth management technology and will be integrated on to all adviser workstations. Successful testing of the interface has been completed.

"The Gsphere process represents a substantial advancement in portfolio analysis," said John Osland, Gravity's Chairman, "and it represents a valuable new tool in our partners' efforts to support financial advisors in the delivery of wealth reporting solutions. Building important partnerships around the industry is the cornerstone of our business."

The new relationship represents the first of what Gravity expects to be a number of announcements regarding alliances with major portfolio management systems.

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Gravity Investments, the worldwide leader in Diversification Intelligence, is a leader in financial engineering and investment technology. A Denver-based firm, Gravity's Gsphere Portfolio Analysis Platform bridges the gap between traditional asset allocation and diversification optimization, providing clients an unparalleled ability to manage and market investments. For more information on Gravity Investments please visit or call 866-373-8489.

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