CALIFON, NJ--(Marketwire - September 28, 2009) - For fathers coming home from work and find it impossible to connect with their autistic child, it can typically be the straw that breaks the family's back. Where most children will greet Daddy with a hug, many autistic children aren't capable of affectionate interactions that keep a family intact.

Emerson B. Donnell III lived that experience every day, decided to do something about it, and his research and experience has delivered results that no one could ever have thought possible. Specific strategies designed to elicit proper emotion have blossomed back into true affection. Today, Donnell's son will greet him at the door with hugs, kisses and an engaging smile. The strategies to bring their world together have also helped his son's speech increase exponentially.

Donnell, author of "Dads And Autism, Learn How To Stay In The Game" from Altruist Publishing ( said that without the proper tools, developing a loving connection can be a monumental task. But getting that toe-hold is the seed towards healing not only the child, but the family as a whole.

Donnell's approach combines tactics from a variety of proven sources, meshed with his own personal experiences. The result is a systematic program that enables fathers (and mothers) to bond and develop affection in their autistic child with specific tactics and strategies that can be exercised in the comfort of their homes.

"The new therapy that I've applied is called Applied Affectionate Behavior Analysis (AABA)," he said. "I have also coined the term Discrete Affectionate Trials (DATs). These are specific exercises designed to elicit and develop proper emotion and affection in autistic children."

Autism need not be a prison sentence for your child, or for your family, Donnell added.

"I can say with all certainty that if it wasn't for the specific I use at home, my son would still be a distant eyed stranger in my house," he said. "Developing these tactics have not only saved my son, but very possibly my marriage."

About Emerson Donnell

Emerson Donnell holds a BS in Business Management from Rutgers University. The 45-year-old father and husband is a banker by trade, and he has been married for 9 years to his wife Jennifer. His autistic son Emerson IV is now four years old.

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