TEWKSBURY, MA--(Marketwire - September 28, 2009) - 532 solar panels now sit atop Delaware Valley Corporation's Tewksbury fabric manufacturing facility. The solar array, designed and installed by Nexamp, will offset approximately 10% of the electricity used in the facility and will pay for itself in less than five years. "Economically it will help us to be more competitive in the products we provide, and also allow us to further promote our idea of Earth-friendly industry," said D. Paul DiMaggio, president of Delaware Valley Corporation.

The solar system is comprised entirely of components manufactured in Massachusetts. The solar panels were manufactured by Evergreen Solar, headquartered in Devens, MA. PanelClaw, based out of North Andover, produced the mounting system, and the inverter was manufactured in Lawrence by Solectria Renewables. "This is a great example of Massachusetts companies working together to complete a common goal," said Nexamp president, Dan Leary. Nexamp is the largest solar company headquartered in Massachusetts.

Delaware Valley Corporation has been striving to reduce their energy consumption for some years, after realizing the economical and environmental benefits of doing so. In 2006, Delaware Valley implemented a heat recovery system. An air-to-air heat exchanger was installed to capture the waste head from the facilities textile heat-setting ovens. The heat was then recycled and used to heat the Tewksbury facility.

Delaware Valley Corporation's founder and Red Sox great, Dom DiMaggio, was extremely interested in the energy saving methods that his son, current company president, D. Paul DiMaggio, was implementing to make the company more efficient. "Dad was a strong supporter of energy independence and sustainability. He was a strong advocate of this solar project, and we spoke about it in great lengths at his birthday dinner in February. Unfortunately he was unable to see the project completed." Dom DiMaggio passed away in early May 2009, at the age of 92. The solar project will be dedicated in his honor.

Solar Project Photos to Follow. Site tours and additional photos available to media upon request.

About Delaware Valley Corporation

Delaware Valley Corporation manufactures non-woven fabrics which are used in automotive, industrial, marine, and medical products. The fabrics are produced using carded, dry-laid webs which are finished through the process of needle punching, thermal-bonding, latex coating, or a combination of these processes. The company was founded in 1961 by former Red Sox centerfielder, Dom DiMaggio. His eldest son, D. Paul DiMaggio, is the current president of the family owned business. Delaware Valley Corporation is headquartered in Lawrence, MA. For more information: http://www.dvc500.com

About the Installer, Nexamp, Inc.

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