MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - October 1, 2009) - During the first two weeks of Health Fair 11's Flu Fighter Clinics, more than 51,000 people received seasonal flu shots.

The high demand for seasonal flu shots, and national delays of vaccine shipments, have many vaccine providers experiencing temporary shortages. Because of the shipping delays, Health Fair 11 is suspending the Flu Fighter Clinics that were scheduled for October 7-10 at all Minnesota Cub Foods locations.

The Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency (MVNA) secures and administers the seasonal flu vaccine at the Flu Fighter Clinics. This week, MVNA was notified that their next vaccine shipment has been delayed. A new shipping date has not been set. Currently, MVNA does not have enough seasonal flu vaccine on hand to cover the Flu Fighter Clinics that were scheduled to take place next week at 68 locations around Minnesota. Flu Fighter Clinics may be rescheduled for later this fall, depending on vaccine delivery timelines, staffing availability, and the prevalence of influenza in the community.

Meanwhile, seasonal flu shots administered by Cub pharmacists continue to be available during regular pharmacy hours. Specially trained Cub pharmacists are available to administer the seasonal flu vaccine to anyone 10 years and older by appointment, seven days a week.

Health Fair 11, a partnership of KARE TV, Cub Pharmacy, and UCare, has been staging Flu Fighter Clinics since 1998. Over the past eleven years, more than 851,000 seasonal flu shots have been administered at Flu Fighter Clinics.

Health Fair 11 is a partnership among KARE 11, Cub Pharmacy, and UCare. The mission of this nonprofit organization is to provide health care education, materials for consumers, and free or low-cost screenings to members of our community. Emails can be sent to Healthfair@kare11.com.

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