SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 5, 2009) - Mocana announced first shipments of NanoCert LTE, the mobile industry's first software developer's solution focused on securing LTE / 3GPP / 4G infrastructure devices like eNodeB base stations and Serving Gateways.

NanoCert LTE was designed specifically for large telecom carrier rollouts and scales to secure millions of devices. Mocana's new software dramatically lowers the development costs associated with securing new LTE devices, and enables design teams to get new, more secure LTE products to market much faster than before.

NanoCert LTE's announcement further asserts Mocana's leadership in the fast-growing cellular security market, following last year's release of NanoPhone (now marketed as DSF for Android), the first comprehensive security suite designed for Google's Android platform.

NanoCert LTE is one of three new editions of Mocana's NanoCert product line, which also includes NanoCert Client and NanoCert Advanced. LTE appliance manufacturers and development teams can request a free trial copy of NanoCert LTE at

Over 100 major OEM companies including Motorola, Cisco, Intel, General Electric, Honeywell and Siemens already rely on Mocana software to guarantee device integrity for their products in the consumer, medical, industrial, IT and military markets. NanoCert LTE is part of the new 5.1 release of Mocana's Device Security Framework, the industry's most comprehensive suite of embedded security solutions for non-PC devices.

About LTE and 4G Security

Certificate-based authentication is a prerequisite for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and for securely administering PKI-enabled networked devices and services. PKI is widely deployed and many wireless technologies and protocols depend upon it, including LTE (also known as 3GPP or 4G). Certificates need to be updated frequently to ensure the device is only operated by the assigned user, that the device has the most updated user privileges and that the device has the most recent upgrades in its service. Manually updating certificates is error-prone, inefficient and doesn't scale, especially when networks have tens of millions of devices in the field.

NanoCert LTE combined with Mocana's best in class IPSec solution NanoSec, secures connections between LTE eNodeB base stations and LTE Serving Gateway (SGW) devices. It also uses CMPv2 to secure LTE (Long Term Evolution) infrastructure devices for device-to-device and subscriber authentication, as specified under the international 3GPP standards. NanoCert LTE's LDAPv3 (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) client automatically retrieves appropriate certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRLs) from LDAP servers.

NanoCert LTE includes an integrated Oracle database for scalability, and features robust and fast boot-up and recovery, with sophisticated logging capabilities. NanoCert LTE's IKE implementation pre-authenticates and pre-validates certificates to prevent dialing delays, even under heavy loads or network outages. Finally, NanoCert LTE is highly configurable and easily adapts to differing operator environments.

Mocana offers an optional binary FIPS 140-2 level 1 validated cryptographic library for key generation and all cryptographic operations, a prerequisite for the most security-conscious buyers. NanoCert LTE is also available in cross-platform ANSI-C source code, and both source and binary versions include full support for NSA's Suite B algorithms that provide government agencies and contractors another option for secure communications when classified "Suite A" algorithms are inappropriate, or not available to them.

"The iPhone, Android and the Palm Pre have made it abundantly clear that the future of the Internet lies in devices that travel with us, not in the box and screen on our office desktops," said Adrian Turner, President and CEO of Mocana. "LTE/3GPP standards documents are quite specific about the device integrity and communications security measures needed for these next-generation infrastructure appliances. But implementing those security specifications was non-trivial, to say the least, and represented a significant time and cash expense to LTE and 4G development teams. NanoCert LTE was built to make securing these new platforms quick, painless and cheap, so that businesses and consumers everywhere can start doing more -- with confidence -- with these revolutionary new platforms."

NanoCert LTE is available now. Developers working on LTE or 4G eNodeB or Serving Gateway devices can request free trial of NanoCert LTE at

About Mocana

Mocana secures the "Internet of Things" -- the 20 billion datacom, smartgrid, federal, consumer, industrial and medical devices that connect across every sector of our economy. These devices already outnumber workstations and servers on the Internet by at least five to one, representing a $900 billion market that's growing twice as fast as the PC market. Every day, millions of people use products sold by over 100 companies that leverage Mocana's Device Integrity software, including Dell, Cisco, Honeywell, General Electric, General Dynamics, Avaya, Nortel Networks, Harris and Radvision, among others. Mocana won Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation of the Year award for 2008 for Device Security, and was named to the Red Herring Global 100 as one of the "top 100 privately-held technology companies in the world" in January 2009.

Contact Information: Contact: Greg Funaro Lois Paul & Partners for Mocana 781-782-5896