MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - October 5, 2009) - TYZX®, the 3D vision technology company, today announced the availability of the TYZX DeepSea™ G3 Embedded Vision System (EVS), a small, fast, rugged, and smart 3D vision system that provides reliable, real-time range data for robots, security systems, and other applications, even in adverse operating conditions.

In a compact enclosure about the size of a paperback book, the TYZX G3 EVS integrates a TYZX DeepSea stereo camera featuring two High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagers, a TYZX DeepSea 3 stereo image-processing ASIC with performance improvements and a built-in ProjectionSpace processor, and an embedded PowerPC CPU running Linux and Gigabit network connection.

Compared to other 3D sensors, the TYZX G3 EVS is:

--  Less detectable and more rugged: Unlike LADAR and RADAR systems, the
    TYZX G3 EVS uses passive 3D sensor technology for a low detectability
    profile. The TYZX G3 EVS has no moving parts, which increases reliability
    and lowers support requirements. Full daylight operation is supported; dark
    operation can be supported with IR imagers.
--  Smarter and more accurate: The DeepSea 3 ASIC in the G3 EVS includes
    TYZX's ProjectionSpace processor, which converts raw 3D point-cloud data
    into actionable data for Obstacle Detection/Obstacle Avoidance (ODOA) and
    other applications in real time. The TYZX G3 EVS' embedded Linux CPU is
    user-programmable for hosting applications such as ODOA, person-following,
    and path-planning. The DeepSea 3 also features improvements in TYZX's
    highly regarded stereo-correlation engine, extending both resolution and
--  Faster: The TYZX G3 EVS processes up to 60 fps of image data.
    Performing ProjectionSpace in hardware further reduces application latency.
--  Smaller: A compact form factor and ASIC integration make the TYZX G3
    EVS small and lightweight. The TYZX G3 EVS enclosure measures only 3.8 cm x
    18.7 cm x 14.5 cm and weighs only 675 grams.
--  Capable of operating on less power: In standard configurations, the
    TYZX G3 EVS uses less than 12 Watts of 12v DC power. The TYZX G3 EVS's low
    power requirements help extend battery life on unmanned systems. The TYZX
    G3 EVS can also operate on Power over Ethernet (PoE), eliminating the need
    for a dedicated power cable.

TYZX G3 EVS applications can be developed using the TYZX G3 Development Platform, which includes the SEER API and can be used in Linux or Windows development environments.

"The TYZX G3 EVS is our smallest, lowest power, and most powerful 3D vision system yet," said Ron Buck, President and CEO of TYZX. "The drive toward autonomy in unmanned systems underscores the need for real-time, 3D situational awareness in real-world operating environments. Unmanned systems and physical security applications need fast, accurate, and robust data about surroundings. The vision system delivering that data must not compromise the overall mission -- the vision system must be fast, small, lightweight, and efficient in its use of power and compute resources. We've applied over a decade of R&D work, as well as many years of experience deploying 3D vision systems in the field, to develop the TYZX G3 EVS to meet these very stringent, real-world requirements."

Attendees of the 2009 Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C., can arrange for a private demonstration of the G3 by calling (650) 282-4510 or writing to

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