DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - October 5, 2009) - NewMarket Technology, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NWMT) today published a letter from Board Member Hugh G. Robinson. Mr. Robinson is the former Chairman of the Dallas Federal Reserve, a Retired Major General of the United States Army, a past White House Staff member under President Lyndon Johnson and a more recent adviser to current political figures. Mr. Robinson is a regular spokesman and advocate for NewMarket Technology. He has been instrumental in NewMarket's growth and the Company's expansion into emerging markets around the world. Mr. Robinson's letter is included in its entirety below.

Dear Shareholders, OTC Investors and Global Citizens -

Thank you for taking a moment to read about my interest in NewMarket. I genuinely believe the founders of NewMarket are challenging traditional investment paradigms and paving a path for global economic change. I hear Philip Verges, the founder and CEO of NewMarket, constantly talking about a need for small business solidarity. He is referring to the fact that the majority contribution to the global economy today, even in the United States, is made by small businesses, while Wall Street and Washington otherwise continue to concentrate on the shrinking contribution of big businesses. I want to help Philip get the word out to small business founders and investors on the call for solidarity.

NewMarket started in 1997 as a family founded business. Philip and his family still work today in key roles as NewMarket inches across the threshold from small business to emerging market force in the technology service industry. Internet and mobile phone communication technology has made the world smaller than ever. Regional emerging markets around the world with previously small influences on one another now overlap and are more related than ever before. The traditional barriers to entry that have historically provided large companies an advantage over small companies are instead now turning out to be disadvantages on the new fast paced, small business economic frontier. NewMarket is on the verge of a breakthrough to delivering ongoing returns to investors in a global small business economy.

In today's world, it is economic suppression, not political suppression, that imposes the greatest limitation on personal liberty. I believe the recognition and corresponding growth of a global small business economy will be the root of the next great social evolution and advance. The best high growth investments today are often outside of the United States in the world's emerging markets. Investments in emerging markets not only stand to deliver some of the best high growth returns, but at the same time, emerging market investments also marry capitalism and social responsibility by bringing much needed investment dollars to regions where such investments can meaningfully reduce poverty.

NewMarket sales today come from two of the world's leading emerging markets, China and Brazil. NewMarket is aggressively expanding into additional emerging markets. I am traveling to Kenya with NewMarket later this month to help open NewMarket operations in Eastern Africa where only about ten percent of a 100 million person population currently has access to the Internet. Growing Internet penetration to 20% or 50% or even higher is a tremendous business opportunity for a systems integrator.

Please take time to read Philip's letter to shareholders from last Friday and listen to his on-demand Webcast from last Thursday where he discusses the Company's plans for the fourth quarter of this year. Look for major announcements coming from the Company over the next two weeks. A third party analyst report is scheduled to be out later this week. A public filing on an upcoming dividend is pending. A number of announcements are expected regarding new sales contracts. Management also anticipates a series of announcements regarding a national exchange listing strategy and an intermediate strategy to improve the Company's current over the counter listing.

Thank you for taking the time for me to share my enthusiasm for NewMarket's balanced approach to capitalism and social responsibility. I humbly believe a balanced approach to both is the only way to truly deliver long term returns.

Best Regards,

Hugh Robinson
Board Member
NewMarket Technology, Inc.

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Across the globe, NewMarket is a Microsoft and Oracle partner, distributes various computer hardware and peripherals from brand partners such as Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Sony, Epson, Canon and Sanyo and is also an authorized reseller of operating systems and various software from companies such as Red Hat, Sybase, IBM, BEA, Veritas and others. Additionally, the Company works with emerging technologies such as mobile computing, various security and wireless broadband technologies.

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