NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 5, 2009) - MaYoMo (Map Your Moments,, a powerful, new video-centric social network for mobile citizen journalists and the most inspired alternative source for global, multimedia news content, today announced the full, public launch of its site. Unlike other sources of world news, MaYoMo delivers independent, global news content with Web 2.0 convenience and flexibility. It is designed for both journalists and independently minded, socially and globally aware readers around the world who need a new, socially-connected, real-time platform for global news reporting -- and conversation about that news.

"MaYoMo allows users to ask and answer the question, 'What's happening, where and when?'" said Hristo Alexiev, CEO and cofounder of MaYoMo. "We're a 'social news network' for journalists and their readers, empowering a new era of Internet news creation and distribution. A key difference with our model is that we attract content from both young, aspiring journalists, as well as experienced independent journalists and bloggers."

MaYoMo is the first place where the interaction between the audience and media goes to another level, allowing users to request news from specific places and on specific topics, providing direct feedback about users' interests. The MaYoMo platform allows users to place their news reports not only in the real world, but in "Virtu" as well -- a continent with virtual countries, such as Second Life, World of Warcraft, and dozens more.

A "Timeline" feature lets site visitors see a retrospective of news from the past, as well as a prognosis for future news. The Timeline also works well with the "News Requests" feature, by which you can ask for more information or events from the past, present, and even the future.

Access to all content on the MaYoMo website is free. Anyone can quickly create an account and start contributing content and uploading photos, video, and other media assets -- from a variety of devices, including video-enabled phones. Contributors who have met certain criteria can create their own "channels" and generate income from them. When a contributor has a channel, he or she will have options to help create better and more frequently viewed content.

MaYoMo already has unprecedented geographic coverage for a new online global news site. Since it was first launched in an "alpha" version in Q4 2008, and during its subsequent "beta" program in 2009, members from 120 countries have already posted more than 57,000 news articles. The brand-new, improved design of the MaYoMo site is based on extensive feedback from users during the beta phase.

To show its commitment and focus on becoming a credible source in the new era of Internet journalism, MaYoMo has also launched a program with journalism schools in the U.S. and other countries. The objective is to promote its site as an ideal forum for students to apply their skills and become published writers on the global stage.

About MaYoMo

MaYoMo is a web-based platform for user-generated news, by which users can upload materials from either computers or mobile devices, empowering a new era of Internet news creation and distribution. It is a platform for user-generated news that lets users ask and then learn, "What's happening, where and when?" With an ever-expanding corps of mobile citizen journalists reporting from every corner of the globe, MaYoMo is shaping the evolution of journalism and delivering the world's most inspired multimedia news content. Thanks to MaYoMo's highly unique and entrepreneurial "news channel approach," professional and student journalists can create and manage their own custom news channels, unleashing new career and income opportunities via the company's shared advertising revenue model. To experience the power of news like never before, and participate in the future of journalism and news content distribution, please visit

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