SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 6, 2009) - Fwix today launched in a dozen major U.K. cities to deliver the most relevant and current local news to readers than ever before, as well as allow them to report news from their iPhones and break stories to their networks on Twitter and Facebook.

Fwix is the real-time newswire for all things local in the U.K. Its breakthrough platform intelligently sifts, categorizes, and combines news and trends from local news media and blogs to give readers the most comprehensive snapshot of their area at any given time. Readers can access Fwix content through the company's website, on Fwix's iPhone app, and through third-party sites that have integrated the Fwix Wire.

"We are excited to expand Fwix to U.K. readers and bring them the best local news content, whether it's from their local paper, a popular local blog, or even someone reporting from their own street on a breaking event," said Darian Shirazi, founder and CEO of Fwix. "Some of the greatest news organizations originated in the U.K. and expanding there will help us serve more people who deeply care about news."

"We've developed our technology to be deployed to any geographical region," said Adrian Druzgalski, Fwix's chief technology officer. "As local content continues to grow and fragment, we can keep pace and turn around Fwix newswires at the same clip. This is core to our vision of delivering a comprehensive solution for consumers and creators of local news content across the world."

The U.K. cities now served by Fwix include Andover, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Newcastle. Fwix is also available in 80 U.S. and Canadian cities. The company's content network reaches an audience of 10 million unique visitors per month. To tap into your city's local news wire, please visit

About Fwix

Fwix is a real-time local newswire, delivering relevant news as it happens by bringing together local news, blogs and citizen journalism. Founded in 2008, Fwix offers the most advanced platform for finding, optimizing, categorizing and distributing this news, and delivers a unique model for news creation and consumption. Fwix is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by BlueRun Ventures. To tap into Fwix, start breaking stories, and find out more about the content network, please visit

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