SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - October 6, 2009) - Devicescape, the leader in Easy Wi-Fi, today announced the fourth generation of its Easy Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity solution. This new release features the groundbreaking Easy Wi-Fi Network, a high-quality hotspot network which combines global Wi-Fi access at a low cost with an easy-to-use hotspot location finder. Easy Wi-Fi enables device manufacturers to ship products with lifetime worldwide hotspot access.

Consumers have problems finding and connecting to Wi-Fi and expect Wi-Fi services included at no cost. In its recent Q2 2009 "Devicescape Wi-Fi Report," the company uncovered that 84 percent of users want hassle-free access to Wi-Fi and an overwhelming 96 percent expect device manufacturers to build Wi-Fi into their devices. Significantly, 54 percent said they expected Wi-Fi to be free. These expectations give device manufacturers an extremely difficult choice: leave the Wi-Fi access problem to consumers and risk poor adoption; or manage the high cost of providing bundled Wi-Fi network access, with their devices.

The Easy Wi-Fi Network solves this problem. By embedding the new Easy Wi-Fi into their devices, manufacturers make it simple for users to find and connect with a nearby Wi-Fi hotpot, free of cost to the consumer. With Easy Wi-Fi within the device, the manufacturer can ship a Wi-Fi enabled device with bundled access to a large, global Wi-Fi footprint.

"Rather than worrying about the Wi-Fi access challenge, device manufacturers can focus on product differentiation and new device services such as downloading new games, uploading photos or streaming video," said Dave Fraser, CEO of Devicescape. "Imagine all the new mobile electronics -- netbooks, media players, mass market phones, digital cameras, e-book readers -- shipping with free Wi-Fi access."

Key features of Easy Wi-Fi are:

Finding: Easy Wi-Fi integrates a location finder capability. This allows a device to display nearby, accessible hotspots to the user. Easy Wi-Fi also equips the device with a "Soft-GPS," which identifies the device's location using Wi-Fi, without the need for GPS hardware.

Connecting: Easy Wi-Fi enables automated login to hotspots without the need for complex and tedious user intervention, such as typing a username and password in a browser. Easy Wi-Fi also supports thousands of additional hotspot networks, allowing users to personalize and extend their Wi-Fi coverage beyond the Easy Wi-Fi Network.

Access: Easy Wi-Fi provides access to the world's largest high-quality Wi-Fi hotspot network. At the time of this announcement, the Easy Wi-Fi Network consists of more than 100,000 locations and is growing by several thousand new locations every month. The service ensures high-quality through continuous monitoring and validation of the network.


Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi 4.0 featuring the Easy Wi-Fi Network is available immediately. Consumer downloadable applications for evaluation and non-commercial use will be available from on October 20th for iPhone OS, Nokia S60, and other popular platforms.

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Devicescape is the leader in Easy Wi-Fi. The company has worked with device manufacturers and service providers since its inception and has hundreds of design wins in the best Wi-Fi products. Its market-specific solutions -- Easy Wi-Fi for Handsets, Easy Wi-Fi for PCs and Easy Wi-Fi for Devices -- allow for the creation of superior products which are powerful, yet easy to use and compatible with a global network market.

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