RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL--(Marketwire - October 7, 2009) - 63X Master Fund ("63X") (BOVESPA: EBXB3), of Unlgand House, Grand Cayman, KY1-1104, Cayman Islands, announces pursuant to National Instrument 62-103 that it has acquired ownership and control of an additional 4,875,300 common shares of Ventana Gold Corp. ("Ventana") through the facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange, bringing its aggregate ownership in Ventana to 15,500,000 common shares.

Prior to the share acquisition, 63X owned a total of 10,624,700 common shares of Ventana, representing approximately 12.3% of the issued and outstanding common shares of Ventana. Accordingly, as a result of the current acquisition of common shares from Ventana, 63X now exercises ownership and control over a total of 15,500,000 common shares of Ventana, representing approximately 17.5% of the issued and outstanding common shares of Ventana. 63X paid cash consideration of C$ 5.4674 per share of Ventana, for aggregate consideration of C$ 84,744,171.46.

The share acquisition by 63X was made for investment purposes only. 63X may, in the future, acquire ownership and control over additional securities of Ventana for investment purposes.

63X is not currently a party to any agreement in respect of the acquisition, holding, disposition or voting of any securities of Ventana. 63X does not own or control any securities of Ventana with, nor is 63X a joint actor with, another entity.

Contact Information: For more information, or to obtain a copy of the subject early warning report, please contact: André Martins Praia do Flamengo, 154, 10th floor, Flamengo Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil 22210-030