BELMONT, CA--(Marketwire - October 7, 2009) - Vyatta, the leader in open networking and network virtualization, today announced the availability of the latest subscription-only version of its open source router, firewall and VPN software. The new release optimizes performance and provides full manageability in virtualized environments based on Citrix XenServer™, extending Vyatta's lead in the growing market for virtual networking appliances. The release also includes a large set of functional improvements, such as zone-based firewalling, more extensive support for IPv6, P2P traffic filtering, multiple improvements to NAT and WAN load balancing, and additional types of QoS. Vyatta also announced a set of simplified consulting services designed to help users configure and upgrade their Vyatta systems.

"We've been extremely impressed with the reliability and throughput of our Vyatta routing and security solutions," said Kevin Breault, vice president of business development at Dash Carrier Services. "With these latest enhancements and service offerings, Vyatta sets the bar even higher as an indispensable part of our network and our business."

New Features

--  Full support for the Citrix XenServer hypervisor, including optimized
    drivers and XenServer management tools
--  Firewall enhancements, including IPv6 firewall, P2P firewall, time-
    based firewall rules, rate-limiting firewall rules, address groups, and
    zone-based firewall
--  NAT enhancements, including per-rule logging
--  WAN Load Balancing enhancements, including source-based routing
--  QoS enhancements, including the addition of three new QoS algorithms
--  IPv6 enhancements, including OSPFv3
--  Over 200 bug fixes

"Vyatta is the leading solution for virtualized routing, firewalling, and VPN requirements," said Dave Roberts, vice president of strategy at Vyatta. "Whether companies have a virtual, physical, or mixed environment, Vyatta delivers the performance, functionality, and security every network requires. Just as important, Vyatta costs a fraction of competing proprietary solutions, so companies can continue to meet the demand for new network infrastructure despite tighter budgets."

Additional Professional Services

Concurrent with the new software, Vyatta also announced two new Professional Services.

--  Quick Start Configuration Service: With the Quick Start Configuration
    Service, Vyatta customers complete a simple questionnaire, and Vyatta's
    technical experts will generate a configuration for the customer that can
    be loaded onto a Vyatta system. In addition to saving customers time, the
    service also leverages the technical knowledge of Vyatta experts to reduce
    mistakes and implement security best-practices. The Quick Start
    Configuration Service is priced at $497 per system configuration created.
--  Software Upgrade Service: Vyatta's Software Upgrade Service allows
    customers to leverage Vyatta's expert technical team to expedite software
    upgrades. Customers simply tell Vyatta which systems need to be upgraded
    and Vyatta technical staff perform the work remotely. Vyatta will ensure
    that the work gets done with a minimum of downtime and will work with
    customers to schedule the upgrade so that it presents a minimum of
    disruption to their users. The Software Upgrade Service is priced at $297
    per system upgraded.

Vyatta runs on standard x86 hardware and delivers a full set of networking features that allow customers to connect, protect, virtualize, and optimize their networks, improving performance, reducing costs, and increasing manageability and flexibility compared to proprietary networking solutions. Vyatta has hundreds of customers worldwide, utilizing Vyatta's software in both virtual and non-virtual environments. For more on using Vyatta in virtual environments, please visit and

This latest release of Vyatta is available by subscription only. Subscription pricing starts at $747 per year. The features included in the release will appear in the next release of Vyatta Community Edition planned for Q1 2010. See the Vyatta Community website for more information.

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