SNELVILLE, GA--(Marketwire - October 9, 2009) - According to a study by the Families and Work Institute, a third of U.S. employees are chronically overworked and about half have been overworked at some point in the past month. Couple that with the ever increasing number of Americans who are unemployed, and it becomes clear that many of us are out of sorts.

"Every day, we are inundated with messages about the importance of finding 'balance' in our lives," said Dan Thurmon, author of "Off Balance On Purpose - Embrace Uncertainty and Create a Life You Love," from Greenleaf Book Group Press ( "The problem isn't us -- it's the message. Perfect balance is unachievable. The quest for balance ends up limiting growth, progress, and the quality of life."

Thurmon's theory is that people need to free themselves from the "balance" dilemma and learn to thrive during uncertain times. He offers the following tips to changing the attitude from anxiety to empowerment:

--  Accept and take advantage of the contradictions in our daily lives
--  Once you fully embrace uncertainty, you can learn to thrive in the
    midst of chaos and see opportunities that were previously invisible to you.
--  You must let go to get a grip. The experience of "being overwhelmed"
    stems from an inability to let go of the things we cannot control.
--  Integrate the five vital areas of life -- work, relationships, health,
    spiritual growth, and personal interests -- into a workable pattern, with
    strong, fluid connections between the areas
--  Adopt a practical, concrete process for orchestrating changes and
    staying aligned with one's purpose

"Stock and housing markets remain uncertain," he said. "People realize that the systems that they believed to be 'stable' are, in fact, unreliable. For those who are out of work, looking to reinvent their lives, learning how to live off balance could be just what the doctor ordered."

About Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon is one of America's most inspiring and entertaining motivational speakers. He currently travels the United States and abroad, speaking before corporations, associations, and educational institutions.

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