NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 12, 2009) - Following a review of 40 years of baseball statistics (since 1969), Information Builders, the leader in business intelligence (BI) solutions, has predicted the winner of this year's Major League Baseball World Series.

"Congratulations are in order for The Los Angeles Dodgers -- start planning the parade route and stocking up on those party streamers," said Kevin Quinn, vice president of product marketing at Information Builders. "Although I'm from New York, I'm not a Yankee fan. I'm actually a Met fan, so I'm happy to congratulate a National League team."

Using key cumulative team statistics such as winning percentage, runs scored, batting average, total extra base hits, earned run average and fielding percentage, Information Builders was able to predict The Los Angeles Dodgers will defeat The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the 2009 Fall Classic.

To come up with their prediction, Information Builders analyzed 40 years of baseball statistics from all of the teams that made the playoffs. RStat determined which combination of statistics for each year that was most significant in determining a winner. The company then created the scoring routine and applied it to the same statistics for the eight teams that made the playoffs this year.

The final predictive model that was used showed that the Dodgers, Angels and Yankees had the highest probability of winning. Although the probabilities were close, the Dodgers did have a slight edge over the Angels and Yankees. These three were nearly twice as likely to win than the remaining five teams.

"Baseball is a game rooted in statistics, and we thought we'd leverage that, along with America's interest in baseball, to illustrate the forecasting power of predictive analytics when coupled with a robust business intelligence platform like WebFOCUS," continued Quinn. "This exercise proves you don't have to be an expert statistician to capitalize on the benefits of predictive analytics with WebFOCUS RStat -- anyone can use the solution to make better informed decisions."

This is not the first time Information Builders has used its WebFOCUS solution to demonstrate how easy it is to provide non-technical users with access to critical information. In 1999, the company launched, an online portal that allowed Fantasy Baseball enthusiasts to sort, calculate, filter and visualize baseball stats in hundreds of different ways. The micro site demonstrated how WebFOCUS could provide a view of information to multiple users with consistent performance.

Today's World Series prediction reveals how businesses (or baseball fans) have the ability to make decisions based on high probability rates and not on "gut-feeling" alone, as companies have been known to do. With WebFOCUS RStat, every decision maker at any level within an organization is able to benefit from direct access to predictive modeling applications.

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