GILBERT, AZ--(Marketwire - October 13, 2009) - Infusionsoft, the leader in automatic follow-up software for small businesses, is pleased to highlight the astounding success of its customer All About Spelling, Inc. one year after the family-owned operation began implementing Infusionsoft's e-mail marketing, CRM and e-commerce solution. All About Spelling quadrupled its sales in the first year of using Infusionsoft, and joins hundreds of other Infusionsoft customers who have doubled their sales with Infusionsoft's comprehensive marketing and sales software.

One year after implementing Infusionsoft, Wisconsin-based All About Spelling says it saw nearly 430% growth in monthly sales revenue and more than 310% growth in monthly orders. Their customer contact list has grown to more than 30,000 (an increase of more than 400%), despite the overall challenges facing the independent book publishing sector. All About Spelling develops and provides spelling curriculum and materials for use in the classroom, as well as home-based learning.

The company cites Infusionsoft as the key to its operational success, which has helped double its sales twice in the past year. All About Spelling says it has more than quadrupled sales as a result of bundling the processes that would otherwise require adding staff and taking up valuable time -- such as following up with customer interest and tracking down sale records -- into one automatic and streamlined system. All About Spelling has now joined hundreds of other companies in Infusionsoft's prestigious 'Double Your Sales' Club.

"When we started the company three years ago it was based on a desire to fill the gap in providing a thoughtful method for spelling and literacy learning in the home," says co-founder and owner Marie Rippel of her and her husband's endeavor to turn their passion into a business. "We soon found that the demand was great, but we couldn't keep up with it all, and had to settle for the sales we could handle. When a customer had a simple question, we'd have to spend valuable time just checking the shopping cart, e-mail and paper systems to find the answer. Now, it's all in one place. Things like tasks and notes can be added right into the customer record, e-mail campaigns can be started and stopped and records of sales and refunds are simple to locate."

Ms. Rippel's idea for starting the company in 2006 came after a lifetime dedicated to literacy and reading, especially after her own struggles with an eyesight disability during childhood. At a young age, she went from avid reader to sudden vision impairment literally overnight. Her condition cleared up a few years later, but in those years Ms. Rippel learned that learning itself was her calling. "When you can't see words on paper, you approach learning from a different vantage point."

Now, after decades involved in the literacy awareness community, she and her husband have turned learning the written word into their dream business. "When we founded Infusionsoft, our dream was to revolutionize the way small businesses grow," said Scott Martineau, co-founder and VP of product management at Infusionsoft. "This dream is coming true for hundreds of our customers, and we can't wait to help thousands more achieve the remarkable success that All About Spelling has."

About All About Spelling

All About Spelling, Inc. is a comprehensive spelling program based on proven strategies to teach spelling using the best and easiest methods possible. Poor teaching methods create obstacles for learners that lead to bad spelling habits, low literacy skills, frustration and discouragement, and puts learners at-risk for falling behind in school and life. All About Spelling approaches spelling and literacy from a methodical and comprehensive framework for use in any learning environment. Founded in 2006 by Marie and Greg Rippel, All About Spelling is family-owned and operated and located in Eagle River, Wisc.

About Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft, the leader in automatic follow-up software, helps small businesses grow fast by putting e-mail marketing, CRM and e-commerce on auto-pilot, backing it with the 'Double Your Sales' guarantee. The privately held, three-year-named Inc. 500 company is based in Gilbert, Ariz. and is funded by Mohr Davidow Ventures and vSpring Capital.

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