JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - October 13, 2009) - Cliqset today announced the public availability of its application for real-time conversation on Boxee, the first "social" media center.

Leading the trend in socializing online-video and making the Web more open and engaging, Cliqset's Boxee application lets users chat with their friends in real-time while watching TV episodes, movies or other entertainment on Boxee. The unique application built for TVs allows viewers to keep up with what their friends are doing across over 70 social networks. To make it easy to find exactly what they're interested in, users can filter by the type of activity (tweets, photos, reviews, etc.) and have conversations in "real" time, like in "real" life. To connect to Cliqset's Boxee application, sign up for Boxee at http://www.boxee.tv and then add the Cliqset application from the Boxee App Box.

Cliqset's real-time community is a place where people can share, discover and discuss content with friends from around the Web. In our continued effort to support and foster openness and innovation on the Web, Cliqset is also making available its development library so that other developers can write real-time applications for Boxee.

"We've built Cliqset to springboard engaging conversations about any topic and Web content that users find interesting -- including online-video," said Darren Bounds, president and co-founder of Cliqset. "Boxee has built a great experience that makes it easy for people to share what they're viewing across the Internet. We share a vision -- where the future of the open Web, online entertainment and social networks are intersecting -- so we jumped at the chance to complement their community by bringing in real-time conversations using Cliqset."

"Boxee is changing what people expect from TV and working to develop new ways to interact with what they're playing, online and offline," said Avner Ronen, Boxee CEO. "As real-time interaction becomes more important, Cliqset is giving people a new way to interact around entertainment. Cliqset's app is a great way to enhance Boxee users' experience as they've built a digital 'watercooler,' an app that has stretched what's possible on our platform."

Boxee's free software, which helps people bring all of their entertainment to a computer or HDTV, has grown rapidly since its launch last June. The company's innovative platform allows people to access free high quality online TV shows, movies, music and photos in addition to their local media in an interface that's optimized for a TV and remote. More than half a million people have downloaded the software for Mac, Linux and Windows computers. You can learn more about Boxee from http://www.boxee.tv.

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