JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - October 13, 2009) - Cliqset today announced the public availability of its real-time community, as well as the release of its new desktop client.

Cliqset is an online community that makes it easy for people to share, discover and discuss content with friends from around the Web. The latest beta of Cliqset features a completely redesigned user interface and real-time conversations and activity streams that make it easier for users to stay engaged and follow the discussions that they find most interesting.

Cliqset is also making available a full-featured Adobe AIR desktop client that brings users' Cliqset conversations to their desktop to manage social activity and conversations with an easy-to-navigate streaming UI. The application includes all the functionality from the website version, but delivered straight to a user's desktop. The Cliqset desktop client is available for download now at http://www.cliqset.com.

On Cliqset, users now have options for communicating and sharing online activities (like photos, location aware updates, bookmarks) with their friends and online communities, while also being able to track and update all of their third-party social networks and services from one centralized hub. Cliqset now integrates with nearly 70 social networks and services.

"Cliqset is a completely new social experience. Our goal is to enhance social connections that happen on the Web and to build a better way to engage online and share your social activities in real-time," said Darren Bounds, president and co-founder of Cliqset. "We do this through our real-time community and applications, but, most importantly, by embracing the open Web community and helping to inspire creativity and innovation online."

As the nature of conversations on the Web has been dramatically changing to mirror those in real life, Cliqset is about conversations, however they unfold. Cliqset online and Cliqset desktop client give users the ability to:

--  Quickly engage and discuss: Discussions and commenting are now all in
    real-time -- unique from most social networks and services currently on the
    Web -- giving users a better way to communicate and stay engaged in the
    discussion as it unfolds.
--  Pull in content from almost 70 social networks and services: Cliqset
    supports integrations with the most popular third-party services so users
    can easily pull their content into Cliqset (photos, status updates, videos,
    blog posts, etc.) from other social networks.
--  Share content with other social networks and services, including
    Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Identi.ca, Linkedin and FriendFeed: Users can
    update their status, and share photos, bookmarks, and reviews on Cliqset
    and push them out to wherever they choose. And users can now share content
    that they discover on Cliqset with other social services they've enabled.
--  Discover content and people by staying on top of specific topics with
    Cliqset's granular activity stream filters: Users can select which types of
    updates they'd like to see in their activity stream including text, photo,
    comment or blog post. Updates that include photo files or location details
    now show a thumbnail so that users can easily see the content without
    having to explore further.
--  Control more effectively how people can see and interact with
    information that users share.

To connect on Cliqset's new public beta and to download Cliqset's desktop client, please visit http://www.cliqset.com

About Cliqset

Cliqset is a real-time community that makes it easy for people to share, discover and discuss content with friends from around the Web. Cliqset is privately held and based in Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, please visit: www.cliqset.com.

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