LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - October 14, 2009) - Atlantis Internet Group Corp. (PINKSHEETS: ATIG) announced today that it had received an opinion letter from the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) approving its Quarterback Draw Football & Bango Football collection for use in Indian Casinos Nationwide.

The Quarterback Draw Football collection is the first of its kind using exciting football action to encourage spectator participation with a fast-paced bingo game and Sportsbook-type wagering. "Bango is the perfect 'arm-chair quarterback' game where individual players call the plays in order to score and win while other casino patrons bet on the quarterly pools and play bingo all in the same game," said Donald L. Bailey, CEO of Atlantis Internet Group Corp.

Quarterback Draw Football and Bango Football is a collection of three separate but related games, each requiring its own wager and paying its own prizes. All three games are video games played on electronic player stations via Atlantis' proprietary Casino Gateway Network.

--  Quarterback Game is a football gambling game that allows two players
    to participate in, and wager on, the outcome of a computerized football
    game. In this virtual football game the two quarterbacks compete against
    each other in a life-like football game. The quarterbacks call plays to
    move the ball up and down the field to score like in an actual football
--  Bango is a bingo game for which the quarterback game functions as the
    ball blower (used in traditional bingo to select winning numbers).  Every
    time the ball moves up and down the field and lands on a yard line, that
    yard line number is marked off on a bingo card with winning shapes. When
    the winning shape is made the winning player calls "Bango" to indicate he
    or she has the winning card, just like in a "live" bingo game.
--  Bango Football Pools are sportsbook simulated games that Bango players
    and Quarterback players may also play. Players pay to pick a square on a 10
    by 10 grid numbered from 0 to 9 across the top and one side. A player wins
    if his or her numbers match the last digits of the score of the Quarterback
    Game at designated times.

Players can also buy Bango and Football Pool cards at the casino and check their winning cards from home online using Atlantis' Entertainment Plus product, which was also approved by the NIGC. Atlantis will launch its initial marketing campaign in Indian Casinos utilizing former Super Bowl Quarterbacks who will compete in a classic match up of football skill. Rick "Doc" Walker, former NFL player for the Washington Redskins, Super Bowl player and popular sports caster will spearhead the marketing campaign to recruit former NFL Quarterbacks. "The exciting part of this game is that everyday you can be that Super Bowl quarterback and compete in a virtual football league, with Play-offs, Super Bowl, Cash and Prizes," said Bailey. "As for the Bango players, they can compete in traditional or progressive bingo with nationwide jackpots that could reach millions."

Frank Price of Diversified Sports Programs, Inc. is the original designer and patent holder of the game and collaborated with ATIG to manage the game and to get the game approved for use in Indian Casinos by the NIGC. There is a revenue sharing agreement in place between the two parties like many of the other games on the network such as Keno, Poker, Traditional Casinos Games, Tournament Games and Thunderball, the Indian version of Powerball. "We feel Quarterback Draw Football and Bango Football have something for everyone. It's a true football-lovers game where football enthusiasts can call the winning plays and bet on the football game while spectators can enjoy the Bingo at the same time," said Price. "It could become the new American pastime where sports and bingo lovers can have their cake and eat it too!"

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