DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - October 15, 2009) - Worldwide Strategies, Inc. (OTCBB: WWSG) today released a letter to shareholders from CEO James Samuels. The letter is addressed to the shareholders of NewMarket Technology, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NWMT) and NewMarket Latin America, Inc. as well as the shareholders of Worldwide. Mr. Samuels discusses the plan for the three companies to achieve a national exchange listing and improved share price with a potential to achieve a 400% to 500% increase in the resulting market capitalization.

NewMarket Technology, Inc. currently has approximately $100 million in annual revenue with a historical and ongoing positive operating income. NewMarket management has previously communicated an opinion that the NewMarket share price is undervalued. The agreement with Worldwide is the first step of a comprehensive strategy to deliver a long-term return to both the shareholders of NewMarket and Worldwide.

Mr. Samuels' letter discussing the strategy is included in its entirety below.

Dear Worldwide, NewMarket, and NewMarket Latin America Shareholders -

The over-the-counter market is a good source of funding for early stage business plans. It is also a good market for investors to make compelling returns on small investments over a relatively short period of time. The over-the-counter market can prove very lucrative to an investor that can commit the time to invest in a portfolio of early stage businesses and monitor the progress of those businesses on virtually a daily basis. Long-term return on investment opportunities in over-the-counter listed companies are ultimately only achievable when the company exits the over-the-counter market. My letter today is intended to discuss a plan for a combined exit from the over-the-counter market that is beneficial to the shareholders of Worldwide, NewMarket and NewMarket Latin America.

NewMarket and NewMarket Latin America have been led by one of the best and most genuine entrepreneurial management teams I have ever had the experience of meeting or working with in the course of my career. Without exactly sharing the number of years I have taken to become a seasoned senior manager in transitioning early stage companies to a more mature, and national exchange-listed, next stage of development, I will share that I am a proud grandfather. I have seen a good deal of entrepreneurial management teams, and this one at NewMarket is the best.

First of all, they never give up. They were hoodwinked into taking a family founded technology business public through a reverse merger in 2002. Once they figured out what they had gotten themselves into, they not only overcame, they thrived. I cannot point to any comparison by which to give reference to the sheer magnitude of what the NewMarket management team has been able to build given the scarcity of resources available for the task. NewMarket is a multinational corporation with approximately $100 million in revenue and producing a consistent positive operational income. Many over-the-counter listed entrepreneurial companies have been decimated in the aftermath of hedge fund financing combined with a historic financial market crisis. Not NewMarket. Just last week, after over a yearlong battle, NewMarket exited a caustic hedge fund financing contract with an improved balance sheet and capital structure.

I have been in discussions and negotiations with NewMarket for over a year to construct a transaction intended to deliver a long-term return on investment to both the shareholders of NewMarket and Worldwide Strategies. The CEO of NewMarket, Philip Verges approached me to explore a combined strategy whereby he could deliver a long-term return on investment to the NewMarket shareholders. I was impressed by his earnest commitment for his objective. I have since become highly confident in his ability to deliver.

The before mentioned hedge fund financing included collateral security agreements that have precluded NewMarket from entering into a strategic agreement with Worldwide. With the hedge fund contract terminated, the strategic plan between Worldwide and NewMarket is ready to proceed. I will be with Philip and the rest of the NewMarket management team in Dallas next week with an array of accountants and lawyers to finalize terms on the first step of the overall strategy.

NewMarket and Worldwide have entered into a letter of intent agreement to combine NewMarket's subsidiary operation in Brazil with approximately $20 million in revenue into Worldwide. This intended transaction will provide the Worldwide shareholders with a substantially increased business operation. At the same time, the transaction will provide the shareholders of NewMarket Latin America, the subsidiary of NewMarket holding the Brazilian operation, with a publicly traded stock. NewMarket is the majority shareholder of NewMarket Latin American and following the combination of NewMarket Latin America with Worldwide, NewMarket will be the majority shareholder of Worldwide.

Again, the transaction to combine Worldwide and NewMarket's Brazilian operation is only the first step of the overall strategy. The objective of the overall strategy is to ultimately deliver a long-term return on investment to both the NewMarket and Worldwide shareholders. For the NewMarket shareholders, that long-term return on investment is overdue as a result of the over-the-counter market dynamics.

The market capitalization of NewMarket is approximately 10% to 20% of the company's annual revenue. In other words the price-to-sales ratio is approximately .1 to .2 times revenue. Comparable national exchange-listed companies enjoy an approximate sales ratio of .7 to 1 times revenue. A move of NewMarket assets to a national exchange listing can potentially deliver a dramatic increase in value to shareholders. Of course Worldwide shareholders would also benefit.

In the current market with the investment capital that is generally available to over-the-counter companies, it is difficult to raise money to invest in a business plan and at the same time experience long-term share price appreciation. Hedge funds are called hedge funds because they hedge against investment risk by leveraging stock as security. The hedge in turn frequently precludes share price appreciation. In some instances, the practice of hedging has become more profitable than the return on investment potential.

Though a company may have fundamental financial success, that success may not be conveyed in the company's share price if the path to the company's success included hedge fund financing. NewMarket has established reasonably sustainable fundamental financial success and, with the hedge fund relationship terminated and the capital structure enhanced, the company's share price will likely appreciate. A third party research report has recently suggested a potential $1.42 price per share for NewMarket's common stock. Based on national exchange-listed comparables, it is my opinion NewMarket's stock could be as high as $3.50 to $5.00 per share. The problem is the age-old problem of the 'Chicken and the Egg.' Even $1.42 does not meet national exchange initial listing standards, so how can the company realize its full potential if it cannot get on a national exchange listing?

Worldwide has not raised money from the hedge fund market available to over-the-counter companies. Worldwide's current operations do not require substantial outside financing. Worldwide's issued and outstanding is manageably sized and the float is small. The NewMarket operation being combined with Worldwide is sustainable and not in need of financing. Without a need for hedge fund financing, Worldwide can experience share price appreciation. The intended transaction between NewMarket and Worldwide is a first step toward achieving an initial public listing on a National Exchange to facilitate subsequent steps to execute similar transactions with other NewMarket operations and deliver a long-term return on investment to both NewMarket and Worldwide shareholders.

This is a lot of information, and mergers and acquisitions are not the easiest transactions to understand. Both Philip Verges and I will be providing further communications on the strategy I have outlined here. I want to emphasize a few important points before I conclude this letter. NewMarket will be the majority shareholder of Worldwide. Even though the Brazilian operations will be combined with Worldwide, the Brazilian operational performance will continue to be consolidated into NewMarket's financial statement. This would also be the case with any subsequent similar transactions. Ultimately, NewMarket shareholders will receive stock in Worldwide in order to potentially profit from the increased valuation opportunity that can be achieved by moving from an over-the-counter listing to a national exchange listing.

I have had the opportunity to help other companies move from over-the-counter listings to a national exchange listing. I consider it a privilege to be part of this opportunity with NewMarket and Worldwide. NewMarket is the finest entrepreneurial organization I have ever encountered and I know the management team is ready for this exciting landmark transition in their ongoing development. I look forward to elaborating more on the NewMarket and Worldwide plans in the near future and encourage you to keep a look out for upcoming news and events.

Thank you,

James Samuels
Worldwide Strategies, Inc.

About NewMarket Technology, Inc. (

NewMarket is a reporting company with audited financial reports filed with the SEC. NewMarket provides systems integration, technology infrastructure services and emerging technology worldwide. NewMarket has a focus on providing technology and support services to rapidly growing economies where technology purchasing is on the rise. In addition to its base of operations in North America, NewMarket has operations today in the growing economies of China, Southeast Asia, Brazil and Northern Latin America. Last year the Company reported over $40 million in revenue from Asia and over $20 million in revenue from Latin America. Overall, NewMarket reported over $95 million in revenue for 2008.

Across the globe, NewMarket is a Microsoft and Oracle partner, distributes various computer hardware and peripherals from brand partners such as Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Sony, Epson, Canon and Sanyo and is also an authorized reseller of operating systems and various software from companies such as Red Hat, Sybase, IBM, BEA, Veritas and others. Additionally, the Company works with emerging technologies such as mobile computing, various security and wireless broadband technologies.

NewMarket's rapid growth since 2002 has placed the Company on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for 5 consecutive years. NewMarket was recognized as the third fastest growing technology company in the United States in 2006 and the number one fastest growing technology company in North Texas for two years in a row.

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Worldwide Strategies, Inc. is a development tool stage business that has built a proprietary affinity marketing process and system to provide clients with outsourced services including multi-language capabilities. The affinity market business has signed several substantial contracts but has not established significant revenue.


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