WEST PALM BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - October 21, 2009) - In this economy, when reports of companies prospering arise, it's encouraging news. Many such positive stories are coming from SmartLink clients. SmartLink's proprietary Internet strategy has successfully helped place SmartLink clients in front of customers searching for their product.

A typical web search could be divided into three sections: paid search (pay-per-click), traditional organic search and maps listings. The SmartLink strategy, what they call the trifecta, delivers results in all three areas. Companies using SEO techniques and the trifecta from SmartLink are already experiencing rewards.

Pay-per-click advertising allows advertisers to display on someone's computer screen when they conduct a search correlated with keywords the advertiser has purchased. Many companies already utilize pay-per-click advertising, but what they are really missing out on are the other two parts of the trifecta. "Remember, if you are not in front of your client, someone else is," said Terry Murphy, president of SmartLink Internet Strategies, Inc.

Organic optimization, the second part of the trifecta, occurs through an intricate and intense process of building, tagging and labeling web pages to draw users back to an advertiser's page. 'Natural' and 'organic' are big catch phrases in our society today, so it seems a logical conclusion for 'organic' search to be part of a businesses SEO campaign.

The third member of SmartLink's SEO trifecta is SmartMaps. SmartMaps has proven itself a vital part of successful SEO campaigns. As more people are turning to the Internet instead of phone books, it has become increasingly important for companies to have prominent exposure on search engine maps and other directories. Applying a unique technology, SmartLink creates a comprehensive business profile, using more than 50 keyword combinations. A custom profile is then uploaded to more than 100 directories, including Google Maps, Yahoo! Local and MSN Local.

"It is great to see our website on the top of most keyword searches in all the major search engines," said Steven Dassa, vice president of Clear Choice Frameless Enclosures. "We have closed numerous deals that were generated specifically through our website; and since we are only viewed in the search engines through SmartLink, we can attribute our results directly to SmartLink."

SmartLink specializes in organic and paid search engine optimization, utilizing patent-pending and other state-of-the-art technology, to ensure that its clients' websites are prominently displayed to prospective customers. For more information, visit www.thinksmartlink.com.

Contact Information: Media Contact: Terry Murphy P: 561.688.8155