SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - October 21, 2009) - More children die from cancer than all of the other diseases combined, but don't quote statistics to Shirley Enebrad. Her son, Cory, was diagnosed with leukemia at age 3 and died just after his ninth birthday in 1985. For her, the story of her son's life is not about him joining that dark statistic, but rather how his life inspired others and helped him transcend the experience of his illness.

"The flip side of placing a high value on human life is the fear of dying," said Enebrad, author of "Over the Rainbow Bridge" (, which is the story of Cory's life. "My son, Cory, never looked at that side of the coin. He only saw life, and he envisioned his life as nothing more -- and nothing less -- than an opportunity to inspire others."

Cory wanted to share his ideas on living life, no matter the circumstances:

--  Live like there's no tomorrow, love with all your heart and laugh
    until your spirit lights up!
--  There is an afterlife where our soul/essence/spirit lives on.
--  No matter what happens -- choose happiness.
--  Helping people helps you to grow as a person.

More than inspiring people, he wanted his story to truly help others, so 30% of net proceeds from his biography will be donated to Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Western Washington (WWA) and CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation. Enebrad -- who is also a certified grief counselor -- is the president of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation (WWA), an all-volunteer group focused on filling in the gaps to meet the needs that the professional medical staff and social workers are unable to. They work to provide a support system and a resource for the families and siblings who are helping with the cancer child's care.

"Cory was an 'old soul,' who, even at his early age, knew that life for others would go on after he passed on," she said. "Cory's life was about teaching people how to live, to make every moment count and that life is a gift."

About Shirley Enebrad

Shirley Enebrad is an award-winning television/video producer/writer, as well as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist who conducts grief workshops and helps counsel individuals.

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