HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - October 22, 2009) - Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (PLANET) (PINKSHEETS: PRRY), developer, manufacturer and marketer of PetroLuxus™ and other green remediation and recovery technologies, issues shareholder update letter from Kurt E. Neubauer, Chairman of the Board and CEO.

Dear Fellow Shareholder:

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the summer months of 2009 have been extremely busy with new advances in our new technologies and endeavors. Years of development of our core technology, PetroLuxus™, has opened the door to numerous new green technologies and applications which will be environmentally friendly and economically beneficial technologies that we anticipate will change many of the existing technologies in the remediation and recovery of commodities on a worldwide basis.

We originally launched Planet Resource Recovery with the goal to develop and commercialize our green technology, PetroLuxus™, for the recovery of hydrocarbons to the Oil and Gas Industry. Throughout our R&D efforts on the development of PetroLuxus™ we continually observed the effects of our experimental compounds and lab processes on metals in heavy oil and other hydrocarbon bearing materials. These observations, coupled with requests from EPA contractors after the successful remediation of a contaminated underground storage tank in Oreland, Pennsylvania, we embarked on additional R&D efforts for the development of new green technologies for the remediation and recovery of metals, heavy metals and precious metals.

As we begin the final calendar quarter of 2009, our R&D efforts in the remediation & recovery of metals is bearing fruit. We have completed the first phase of the development of compounds for the harvesting of metals and have devoted the last few months in the development of the mechanical processes to prove up our proof of concept. Our preliminary results have been very encouraging which we are extremely excited about the development of these proprietary compounds and processes as the remediation and recovery of metals is a multi-billion dollar market.


We continue to deploy our PetroLuxus™ product through our Oil Recovery Ventures, LLC subsidiary to the Oil & Gas industry. We have been marketing the product to Oil & Gas operators for the treatment of marginal oil wells in the US. We continue to realize oil production increases and efficiencies in equipment performance. Every well we treat is one more well to add to our growing list of treated wells for validation of the effectiveness of PetroLuxus™ for different formation types, depths and crude oils of marginal wells.

On-Going Collaborations

We continue working with Cedar Marine Terminals, a subsidiary of Vertex Energy, LP, to develop a compound and method to remediate waste oil into a more environmentally friendly source of fuel. Testing continues with successes as we develop and pilot special blends of PetroLuxus™ to attain the stated goals. The creation of a new platform to refine a new cleaner source of fuel from a recyclable material will provide the company with a steady source of revenue while additionally providing a much needed green technology. As we progress we will issue update press releases.

We are excited about the developments that our technical personnel have achieved on the experimental compounds and concept design of new technologies for the recovery of base and precious metals. We continued to collaborate with Gold and Minerals Company, Inc., and El Capitan Precious Metals Inc. for the development of green technologies to enhance the recovery of metals at their 7000 acre property in New Mexico. We feel we are well positioned in these mining technologies with the soaring prices of commodities on a global basis.

Our work in the development of remediation and recovery technologies for metals has opened the door to other potential markets. We are currently conducting preliminary testing and proof of concept on green technologies to address the many toxic heavy metals EPA Superfund sites that litter the nation and globally. These technologies, once proven, can have a positive impact on our planet and the recovery of commodity metals.

Personnel Changes

The Company has terminated Mr. Rick Burton's employment with the Company effective September 16, 2009. The Company additionally terminated Mr. Patrick Richard's employment agreement on September 1, 2009. Mr. Neubauer, Chairman of the Board and CEO, has been reinstated as the company's President.

We re-allocated, contracted and expanded our technical research staff to expedite our R&D efforts on the above stated new technologies. These internal personnel allocations have bolstered these efforts while adding creative minds to these new technologies. Their progress has been remarkable and anticipate to launch the commercialization of these technologies in the very near future.

In closing, the future for Planet is extremely promising. We are expanding from a company primarily focused in the Oil & Gas Industry and Environmental remediation industries to a developer of environmentally friendly technologies for the remediation and recovery of the Earth's commodities and resources. We will continue to generate revenues from our PetroLuxus™ product in the Oil & Gas industry while we continue the development of technologies for new applications in the remediation and recovery of Earth's resource that represent multi-billion dollar markets. I am very proud of what has been accomplished and look forward to the deployment of these new technologies. On behalf of Planet Resource Recovery, Inc., I personally want to thank you for your support and confidence in our company.

/s/ Kurt E. Neubauer
Chairman & CEO

About Planet Resource Recovery, Inc.

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc (the "Company") has developed a proprietary product known as PetroLuxus™. The Company manufactures and markets PetroLuxus™ which represents a disruptive technology for use in petrochemical industries. PetroLuxus™ is comprised of a series of compounds with a wide array of applications, all of which benefit from its unique ability to dislodge hydrocarbons from organic and inorganic materials. The Company's Phase I revenue approach is comprised of three distinct business units: i) Environmental Remediation ("ER"), ii) Enhanced Oil Recovery ("EOR") and iii) Strategic Business Combinations.

PetroLuxus™ is a "Green Technology." It is a non-toxic, nonflammable and environmentally friendly method of separating hydrocarbons from both man-made and naturally occurring materials. PetroLuxus™ truly is a Disruptive Technology. It will disrupt currently accepted best practices and change the way hydrocarbons are being managed and harvested throughout the world. Founded in 2005, the Planet corporate offices are located in Houston, Texas. For more information visit: www.planetresource.com or www.petroluxus.com.

Safe Harbor Statement

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