CAMDEN, ME--(Marketwire - October 22, 2009) -

News Facts:

--  PopTech 2009, one of the world's best
    thought leadership events, opened the doors to participants at its 13th
    annual event starting today in Camden, Maine. Thanks to support from
    Livestream, the entire conference will be simulcast free at from Thursday 22nd - Saturday 24th October (9:00 am - 6:00
    p.m. EDT daily).
--  Over 600 preeminent thought-leaders, social innovators and change
    agents from a wide range of fields are convening for a shared exploration
    of America's opportunities, its challenges, and its future; and will be
    examining cutting-edge ideas in education, energy, entrepreneurship, and
    the many systems on which America's future wealth depends -- from the
    social impact of new technologies, to the forces of change shaping our
    future, and how to take action on new approaches to making the world a
    better place.
--  The conference brings together over 70 thought-leaders including
    Michael Pollan, Robert Guest, Esther Duflo, Daniel Ariely, Kurt Andersen,
    Daniel Goleman, as well as other emerging thought leaders such as Daniel
    Nocera, Neri Oxman, Michael Wesch, John Fetterman, Erica Williams, Marije
    Vogelzang, and internationally known performers including Zoe Keating, John
    Forté, and Anthony Doer; as well as many thousands of viewers online, who
    are able join the discussion live via Twitter @poptech and submit questions
    over email to
--  The class of 2009 PopTech Social Innovation Fellows will be presenting
    their projects to conference participants -- they include: Aviva Presser
    Aiden & Hugo Van Vuuren with Lebônê, Jason Aramburu with re:char, Eben
    Bayer with Ecovative Design, Paula Kahumbu with WildlifeDirect, Deb Levine
    with ISIS, Inc., Derek Lomas with Playpower Foundation, Josh Nesbit with
    FrontlineSMS:Medic, James O'Brien with Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High
    School, Ory Okolloh with Ushahidi, Emily Pilloton with Project H Design,
    Hayat Sindi with Diagnostics For All, Taylor Stuckert & Mark Rembert with
    Energize Clinton County, and Nigel Waller with Movirtu.
--  Viewers may follow PopTech's daily conference video digests and other
    updates online at the PopTech Blog,

Partner Collaborations:

-- FLAP Initiative -- Over the past 12 months, PopTech has partnered with
   Sheila Kennedy, founder of the Portable Light Project, and Timbuk2
   Designs to prototype and field test an adaptable, affordable, portable
   source of flexible light and power (FLAP) that has the potential to
   benefit some of the 2 billion people worldwide who live without reliable
   access to electricity.
   -- The goal throughout has been to engage the PopTech community in an
      open, collaborative social innovation project -- developing use
      cases, distribution strategies, and funding mechanisms, as well as
      exploring ways to bring the FLAP project to scale. The initiative has
      resulted in a new type of messenger bag (created by Timbuk2) that
      integrates a new 2-watt lighting and charging resource (created by
      the Portable Light Project) into its flap.
   -- Extensive field-testing in Ghana, Kenya, and Arizona in the U.S. has
      provided invaluable feedback and allowed for ongoing product
      development, and as requests for testing the FLAP bags continue to
      filter in via a growing network, the initiative will expand the
      distribution regions and selected user groups in direct response to
      the tester's needs. The FLAP team actively seeks the involvement of
      partners to help scale the program going forwards; visit for up-to-date project information and to learn how
      to get involved.


-- PopTech recognizes and is grateful for the support of numerous partners,
   who help further the organization's breakthrough programs and
   initiatives. In 2009, these partnerships include:
   -- Strategic level partnerships with Nike, Inc., Microsoft Research,
      Time Warner Cable, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Economist, and Frog
   -- Program level partnerships with National Geographic, Thomson Reuters,
      Timbuk2, Scion, Cognizant, American Express, and the Surdna
   -- Friend level partnerships with eBay Green Team, Text 100, Steelcase,
      Hamilton Hughes Design, Livestream, Duarte, Canaan Partners,
      Trollback & Company, and Wert & Company.

Speaker Highlights:

--  Michael Pollan, leading food journalist and activist,
--  Kurt Andersen, best-selling author, cultural critic and host of
--  Esther Duflo, developmental economist and antipoverty researcher,
--  Daniel Ariely, behavioral economist and author of "Predictably
--  Daniel Goleman, leading psychologist of emotional and ecological
--  John Fetterman, Mayor of Braddock, PA,
--  James Fowler, author of "Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social
    Networks and How They Shape Our Lives,"
--  Neri Oxman, architect and material ecologist,
--  Chris Jordan, artist whose large scale photography depicts consumerism
    and its aftermath,
--  Luis von Ahn, computer scientist, and researcher on "human
--  Dan Nocera, artificial photosynthesis and solar energy pioneer,
--  Jay Rogers, CEO and founder of Local Motors,
--  Jonah Lehrer, author of "How We Decide" and "Proust Was A
--  Willie Smits, founder and Chief Science Officer of Tapergy, a zero-
    waste, people, planet, profit, global bio-fuels company,
--  Michael Wesch, digital anthropologist studying the social impact of
--  Dan Ornish, founder and president of the Preventive Medicine Research
--  Katy Payne, bio-acoustician and authority on language of elephants,

About PopTech

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