SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - October 22, 2009) - Devicescape today announced the Easy WiFi Network (, the first-ever free access to the world's largest WiFi Network. This new Network delivers a high-quality hotspot network, which combines global WiFi access with an easy-to-use hotspot map finder. Easy WiFi allows you to find and connect to hundreds of thousands of hotspots all over the world and it is monitored 24/7 to guarantee optimal WiFi connection performance.

Consumers have stated loud and clear they want their WiFi. In its recent Q2 2009 "Devicescape WiFi Report," the company tapped into its more than two million member base to uncover what users want from WiFi. An overwhelming 93 percent stated they are making buying decisions based on built-in WiFi, 84 percent insist on hassle-free access to WiFi, and 53 percent will only use free WiFi. This research drove Devicescape to build upon its already highly popular Easy WiFi consumer product line and introduce the Easy WiFi Network.

Beyond Easy WiFi, members can also personalize their other networks to include all their hotspot accounts, such as WiFi that is bundled with their cellular or home service, commercial accounts or communities they may belong to such as university campuses. This personalization allows users to extend their map view to include Easy WiFi hotspots with their other accounts. When a user has personalized their account, the map finder will be updated to include all their hotspots, allowing them to be logged in automatically everywhere.

Pricing and Availability

The Easy WiFi Network is free. To become an Easy WiFi Network member visit or download it from the Apple App Store. Android and Nokia versions will be made available shortly.

About Easy WiFi Network

Easy WiFi gives you free access to the world's largest WiFi network. The Easy WiFi Network is a global, high-quality network, formed from a continuous process of discovery, classification, and monitoring of all the WiFi hotspots encountered by our users. We ensure that the locations our users see are ones which everyone can see and use. The more everyone uses the Easy WiFi Network, the bigger and better it gets!

About Devicescape

Devicescape is the leader in Easy WiFi. The company has worked with device manufacturers and service providers since its inception and has hundreds of design wins in the best WiFi products. Easy WiFi allows for the creation of superior products which are powerful, yet easy to use and compatible with a global network market.

Headquartered in San Bruno, California, the company is privately held and backed by leading venture capital companies including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, August Capital, Enterprise Partners, and JAFCO. To learn more, please visit

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