LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - October 21, 2009) - LSI -- Johnny Royal and Luthier Society released the first viral video for Archimedes 1.0. Johnny Royal and Luthier Society, Inc. have been developing Archimedes 1.0 over the past several years as a response to the inability of quantifying social media marketing and returning true weighted-value ROI data back to online marketing personnel.

Inspired by the theories of Charles Henry Dow, Archimedes 1.0 uses a proprietary Tracking Technology Metric (TTM) that has effectively created the world's first online market index for websites. Archimedes 1.0 users will be able to determine the depth of their outreach efforts, saturation rate, geo-spatial location of their audience and value of online positioning, giving the first true, monetized value for Return on Investment in social media marketing.

Johnny Royal and Luthier Society have recently published the world's first white paper on Social Media 3.0 which discusses solutions for inoperability between multi-media platforms, the evolution of the micro-blogosphere and advances in mobile applications for marketing platforms. Some of the more advanced aspects of the research consider various metrics platforms and their specific areas of expertise for various types of social media campaigns.

Luthier Society, Inc. is a boutique social media and viral branding agency based in Los Angeles, CA that provides all aspects of online communications for the entertainment and technology industries. Clients range from Universal Records to Sony. Luthier Society, Inc. was founded by Johnny Royal in 2007.

ARCHIMEDES 1.0 http://www.luthiersociety.com/archimedes

Social Media 3.0 http://www.luthiersociety.com/whitepaper/White-Paper-3.0.pdf

Contact Information: Media Inquiries 323.825.4499 http://www.luthiersociety.com