180 Urban Design Reveals Case Study Web Video, Featuring City of Blue Springs, Missouri's Master Plan & Form Based Code

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - October 23, 2009) - Kevin Klinkenberg, speaker, writer and principal of 180 Urban Design, recently produced a viral Web video case study, featuring a form based code and downtown master plan project about the City of Blue Springs, Mo. which his urban design and architecture firm led.

The video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNzem90ikJc, spotlights and emphasizes the importance of master planning, urban planning and urban development.

The plan and code for the City of Blue Springs downtown revival, created by 180 Urban Design in 2006 and 2007, effectively incentivized smaller entrepreneurs. According to Klinkenberg, too often urban designers focus on the big glamorous projects, such as the multi-storied mixed-use buildings that you see and not on the little things that can happen as well. "The City of Blue Springs was able to accomplish all of the goals that the city was looking for in their plan including increased residential density and more attractive streets. But, most importantly -- they waited until the plan was adopted and the form based code was adopted, in place and was ready to go. In the city's case, the code was a real incentive in getting this done," stated Klinkenberg.

This Blue Springs urban development is surrounded by a residential walkable neighborhood. The distinctive downtown environment has empowered greater small entrepreneurship by the community with effective guidelines and goals for the public to put their own unique stamp in their neighborhoods. This is what Klinkenberg believes has allowed local citizens to take charge and have a personal stake in their urban living which is increasing the sustainability of new growth and development for the neighborhood.

"This is a great model where some people, looking to do something good, waited in the background until the city really took the right steps to make projects like this really easy to do," Klinkenberg said. "The lesson for us is that there are great things that can be done in very small increments by very small developers if you put the right tools in place."

180 Urban Design is recognized for designing successful and sustainable mixed-use projects, whether in Greenfield or redevelopment locations. The company's work focuses exclusively on projects of this type, including master planning, building design and writing form based zoning codes and design guidelines.

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